Strength and Stretching Exercises with Debbie

Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging is here to help us stay active at home. Here is another amazing video to help keep us active.

Below the video is information they want you to know.

Debbie is back to help with some Strength and Stretching exercises you can enjoy in the coolness of your home.

“CCAA certified senior fitness instructor, Debbie, leads participants through a 30-minute, easy-to-follow strength routine that includes warm-up, body-weight assisted resistance training, cool-down and stretching.”

Best Practices
Ensure that the exercise space in your home is a safe environment for movement, for example, your floor surface should be free of tripping hazards such as cords and scatter rugs.
Wear proper athletic footwear and comfortable clothing that allows you to move around freely.
Strength exercises should be challenging, you should feel that you cannot complete more than 8-10 repetitions per set.
Muscle strengthening sessions should last 10-15 minutes or more and should be completed at least twice a week.
Any amount of physical activity is beneficial, but the more often you complete strengthening exercises for all major muscle groups the more effective the training will be.

Don’t forget to review the disclaimer and if possible chat with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

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