A Little Bit Of Humour ~~Part 12

It time to bring a little bit of humour into our live and today we have a couple that will give us a blast from the past. Sharing some retro Comic strips from years gone by. Hope this bring a smile to your face as with a quick visit to our childhood and early adult years.

From July 17 1954 Charlie Brown and the Peanuts, and for some parents this still holds true today. Some children love to get dirty.


From April 1960 Blondie and Dagwood . Yes with barbecue weather here our neighbours or maybe even you making it smell good outside.


From May 1970, Beetle Bailey. A time before computers and smartphones an era when auto correct did not exist but our fingers were still as clumsy as ever.


From January 1981, Hagar The Horrible. Was always there to bring a smile to ones face with a twist on the truth during those times.


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