August 24, 2020

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Hi, everyone Presently WAAC is developing policies and guidelines for the safe reopening of our Centre. Due to Covid19 guidelines, member’s personal items can no longer be left at the Centre. Examples of personal items include yoga mats, indoor shoes/slippers, pool cues, etc. WAAC asks all members with any personal items at the Centre to...
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Tai Chi anyone? We have found this for those looking for something different in their workout. David Dorian Ross has had an  “illustrious career in competitive tai chi” Today we bring you “a 15-minute seated Tai Chi workout perfect for seniors – or ANYONE at any age.”
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Keeping with our theme of no bake desserts to help during these warm days of August we have a unique recipe from Delish. This recipe will not only be a tempting treat for the whole family it will be leaving them wanting S’more. A Downloadable/Printable version can be found at the end of the recipe....
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