The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~Part 4

What a blessing to live in a place where the beauty of nature surrounds us . Today we will be sharing photos from one of our readers as she travels around Chatham-Kent & beyond in 2020 as well as a few of our Cyclist Photographer The beauty and sounds of nature can calm the stress from our daily lives while bring us peace and joy. If you like to join in and share the beauty around send us a message for more details. We love to share your perspective of nature. We hope you enjoyed this week’s segment The Wonders of Nature Around Us

Thanks Paula for sharing the beauty you have seen around Chatham-Kent and beyond with us. The peace and tranquility of nature is reflected in your captures.

Travels Around Chatham-Kent & beyond in 2020

Our cyclist photographer has capture some wonderful photos from frogs to dragonflies and sunsets. Her love of nature is found in each capture.

This Week’s Views From a Cyclists

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