November 10, 2020

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The nights are longer and the days cooler what an awesome reason to lights some candles in celebration of all those born in November. While we would love to celebrate with you all in person until we can know that we are with you in our heart, mind and thoughts. May this Birthday bring you...
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Please make arrangements to attend at the Centre to pick up your shoes as soon as possible. We have numerous pairs of shoes waiting to be picked up inside the Centre front door. We will be donating any shoes that have not been picked up by the New Year.
Read More SUPPLIES NEEDED: mason jar (or any glass jar)1 cup of epsom salt1 tbsp glitter (preferably white or translucent)mod podge (or tacky glue)sponge brush for applying the gluetwine or ribbonsmall piece of greeneryhot glue gunflameless tea lights (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Start off by mixing the epsom salt and glitter together in a  bowl so that it’s...
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Visit the Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre.
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