WAAC Board of Directors Announcement – 2021 Memberships, Special Consideration

WAAC Board of Directors Announcement: 

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, special consideration has been made by the WAAC Board of Directors for 2021 WAAC membership renewals.   Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre 2020 memberships will be extended to also include the year 2021.  

WAAC Board of Directors appreciates the support we have received from Members through these unprecedented times.   We had hoped for a different new year, yet the realities of the COVID-19 Pandemic have affected us all, the Centre is again closed.  The Board heard your concerns about membership; we trust this extension will bridge the time between re-openings. 

For those that have already paid for their 2021 membership renewal, thank you.  However, per bylaw, membership refunds are not permitted.  Those affected will receive a $35.00 credit to use towards exercise class registration, fitness room use, pool playing or other offered activity costs; available once the Centre may safely reopen.

WAAC continues to welcome new members. The membership rate for new members remains at $35.00 for the calendar year.  Welcome to those new members for 2021 that have recently joined our Centre!

In these uncertain times, WAAC fundraising has taken a direct hit; bingos are again suspended and group gatherings such as WAMBO may be years before resuming.  Donations to WAAC are always welcome!  The WAAC Board of Directors is committed to exploring every avenue of service and connection with our Members as we look forward to another re-opening.

In the interim, we are ensuring the WAAC website and Facebook page remain continually active, with links connecting members to exercise, education and fun! 

Stay safe everyone! 

WAAC Board of Directors

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