A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way

Volunteering is one of the greatest services to our community. The giving of one’s time and abilities to aid others while asking for nothing in return are admirable qualities we all appreciate.  For over 45 years we have relied on the generosity of our volunteers.  We depend on them for our daily operations as well as our fundraising activities. They aid us in reaching our short term and long goals.

Volunteers share smile with all those they meet (2018)

The Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre is a volunteer-based non-profit organization. From our board members to our card games volunteers keep us up and running. It is the volunteers that have shaped our Centre over the past 4 decades and it will be volunteers that guide us into the future. Our volunteers are not only the heart and soul of our Centre they are the backbone too. Volunteer work not only improves the community; it improves individual lives including the volunteer’s.

WAMBO Bake Sale Volunteer 2018

One thing this writer can attest to is volunteering at the Centre has improved my life in many ways, from the forming of new friendships to regaining my lost confidence.  
If you are looking to open your life to new experiences and opportunities, consider volunteering at the Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre.   Like a small pebble thrown into a pond will ripple out to the banks, an hour or two a week or even a month will have a rippling effect within our community.  It is true a little bit can go a long way.

The Decorating Committee keeps us stylish (2017)

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