A Little Bit of Humour~~Part 21

This week went by fast as we prepare for the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn. Whether we are busy in the yard or trying to catch the last rays of summer, there is always time to sit back and enjoy a laugh or two. Today we are going to travel to eras gone by reminiscing from days long ago. So here is a little bit of humour with a blast from the past.

Please check out the poll below and let us know if you like to see more comic strips from the past.

A little Snippet from the Frontier from 1957 Did you read this strip when you were young?


1960’s Sunday Comic Advertisement. Do you remember this?


The Scottish Curse from 1979 (Golf Anyone)


Marmaduke 1980, Not so much a Lap dog.


Fred and Earnest~~Patting your Resume 1994

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