A Little Bit of Humour~~Part 19

September has arrived in all it’s glory, remarkable sunrises and sunsets. The days are getting shorter and nights a little longer. Labour day weekend is this weekend which means the school year is approaching. May it be in the classroom setting or home studies children are preparing for another school year. With all this going on there is always time to sit back and enjoy a little bit of humour. We hope you enjoy this Friday’s Funnies.

First Day Back in Transition

Home Schooling Country Style

The Barbecue Debate


How to Burn Calories Quick

Happy Labour Day Everyone


Trivia Thursday September 3

Are you ready for our 17th addition of Trivia Thursday?  Today’s about Food and Drinks. As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?
  2. What is the only edible food that is said to never spoils
  3. What cooking technique involves submerging food in a liquid at a relatively low temperature?
  4. What is eaten traditionally the day before Ash Wednesday?
  5. What does the Slavic word “vodka” translate to in English?
  6.  Which liquor is made from the blue agave plant?
  7. Sauerkraut is composed of which vegetable?
  8. Bacchus is the Ancient Roman god of which beverage?
  9. In 1919, 21 people were killed in Boston due to a flood of what?
  10. Which fruits are known to have meat-tenderizing properties?


It was a beautiful morning in September as sun rose on the horizon casting elongated shadows along the park trail.  John set out for a long walk through the wooded area to admire the flowers that were blooming.  In the distance he spotted a small clump that was a light molasses in colour. Intrigued by their colour he approached them and knelt down.  They had a tropical smell to them like a fruit salad filled with Pineapples, Kiwis, Papayas, pears and cherries, or maybe it just seem that way because hunger was now taking over his thoughts.

“I should grab some of those pancakes before I started out” he thought to himself as he took a sip of a little water.

He got up to head to the seaside. He loved to walk along the shoreline to see what the tide had brought in.  He noticed something that looked like a small child almost the size of a baby lying on the beach wrapped in seaweed. Picking up his pace to investigate he realized it was an abandoned cabbage patch doll. 

“I wonder if anyone is missing this little one.” He picked it up and brushed off the seaweed and sand. 

When he looked up he suddenly noticed in the distance a small shark with no fin.  “Why is poaching shark fins worse this year?  It is folklore that shark fins have any medicinal purpose.”  His anger roses as he came upon the poor creature. Knowing he had to report this, he pulled his cell phone out and calls games and wildlife. 

“Hello.  Yes I found a young shark on the shoreline near the Tequila and Wine Pub on Shoreside Drive.  Thank you, so you do not need me to stay by?  Great, have a wonderful day”

It had been quite the morning and hunger had now overtaken him. He decided to head back. 

“Honey, I am home!!” He exclaimed as he walked in.

“How was walk, John?”

“Well let me tell you over a delicious plate of pancakes and bacon.” His stomach growled in agreement.

The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~Part 5

The end of August and up to Mid October are the most beautiful time of the year. We see the flowers in full bloom while some trees start to show the changing of the season. Birds and butterflies fill the garden landscapes as they start to prepare for their long trip south. It a great time to be outside and watch the activity in our yards and the ever changing sunsets each night.

This week we did not receive any submissions from readers or members so today we share our Cyclist Photographer captures. If you like to share the beauty around send us a message for more details because everyone’s perspective is beautiful. We would love to share your perspective of nature. We hope you enjoyed this week’s segment The Wonders of Nature Around Us.

Brisk Low Impact Cardio Exercises with Meredith

It always good to get our hearts pumping and our muscles moving and today Meredith is introducing us to a Brisk Low Impact Cardio Exercises. Below the video please find a short message from Meredith’s team.

In this exercise video Meredith is taking you through an easy to follow low impact cardio workout designed to be done right in your own home:) Low impact cardio workouts are a great way to get your heart rate moving and work your entire body.

This particular routine is designed for beginners but anyone at any level will benefit from the moves found here. All you need is a place where you have some round around you to move and a great view of the workout itself.

This is a full body routine and without any resistance or weights. Of course you can always add a little resistance using water bottles or light dumb bells for an extra challenge.

As always remember to keep water close by always and take breaks when you need it.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith

What’s Cooking~~3-ingredient Peanut Butter Cups

Keeping with our theme of no bake desserts for our last day of August we have a delicious recipe from Tasty. This recipe is a tasty cream treat for peanut butter and chocolate lovers and satisfy their sweet tooth. A Downloadable/Printable version can be found at the end of the recipe. We hope you will enjoy this delicious treat that will be the hit around the campfire or Barbecue.


3 tablespoons powdered sugar, sifted

½ cup creamy peanut butter (120 g)

1 cup chocolate (170 g), melted


  1. Prepare a cupcake tin with 6 liners.
  2. Stir peanut butter and powdered sugar together until smooth.
  3. Spread 1 to 2 tablespoons of chocolate in the bottom of each cupcake liner.
  4. Dollop 1 to 2 teaspoons of the peanut butter mixture on top of the chocolate.
  5. Cover each dollop of peanut butter with more chocolate and smooth out the top.
  6. Refrigerate for 1 hour or until chocolate has hardened.
  7. Remove peanut butter cups from the liners.


Learning Tia Chi from David-Dorian Ross

There has been interested in learning Tai Chi: Here is what David has for you today.

What’s the best way to start learning Tai Chi? Should you learn a traditional Tai Chi routine step by step? Or should you first get a book or dvd and study the basics? In this video, I show what I think is the best way for beginners to start learning Tai Chi (taiji).


A Little Bit Of Humour~~ Part 18

As we come to the end of August, the days are getting shorter, and new beauty is blooming all around. The sunsets are beautiful and the evenings cooler. Take a break in your life and enjoy little bit of humour.

For Our Artist


For our Grandmothers

For Our Grandfathers

For Our Bakers

For Our Bingo Player

A Great Way at Looking at Life

Trivia Thursday~~August 27th

Are you ready for our 16th addition of Trivia Thursday?  Today’s is TV and Movie Trivia. As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. Name the 1935 classic British spy thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock…
  2. What are first four words in the Love Boat theme song?
  3. Jonathan Winter’s played Mork and Mindy’s large new born son. What was his character’s name?  
  4. What does E.T stand for?
  5. What 1980 American biographical sports drama film was directed by Martin Scorsese?
  6. Complete the famous Star Trek Phrase “Beam me up, _______”  
  7. What is Trace Technician David Hodges’ most advance sense on CSI?
  8. In Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model, 8 of the 16 contestans are different in what way?
  9. Marcel was the name of Ross’s pet monkey on what hugely popular TV sitcom?
  10. What was the name of the fictional cab company on Taxi?


As the sunshine glisten upon Mearth Lake, a rustling in the cattails brought forth two close friends, who were out looking for buried treasure.  This was not only their passion but their love. There was always something exciting and new to be found.

Scotty took out a map, they had found hidden in his grandfather’s old trunk.

“Here Bert, it looks like we start at this tree.” He hands over the map, “You read the map while I count the steps.” 

“Okey dokey” Bert perks up as he reaches for the map and guides Scotty

“First 20 steps forward. Now take 39 steps left then 5 to the right.  There should be a stone that resembles a raging bull.”

Following his directions, Scotty came across a large rock. Unfortunately, it did not look like any bull he had seen, maybe a petrified extra terrestrial. 

“Hey Bert come here!! Do you think this is the stone?”

Bert ran up and looked at the stone. “Could be, this map is old and the elements over time could have changed how it looks.”

Grabbing their shovels, they started to dig. Just as the smell of dirt and decaying leaves filled the air they hit something hard.  Slowly clearing the loose soil away they retrieved a large metal antique lunch box.  They carefully open it up to find inside toys from an era long ago.  There were several metal toy soldiers, a yoyo and a few cast iron cars. 

As they thought to themselves that they are men and do not play with toys, they realized what a find they had.  It was a time capsule from Scotty’s grandfather’s time and they were excited to share their finds with him.  

“Oh I bet these will bring so much happy memories back to Gramps.” Scotty said with a tear in his eye.

They headed back to town with a skip in their steps looking forward to their next great adventure.

The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~Part 4

What a blessing to live in a place where the beauty of nature surrounds us . Today we will be sharing photos from one of our readers as she travels around Chatham-Kent & beyond in 2020 as well as a few of our Cyclist Photographer The beauty and sounds of nature can calm the stress from our daily lives while bring us peace and joy. If you like to join in and share the beauty around send us a message for more details. We love to share your perspective of nature. We hope you enjoyed this week’s segment The Wonders of Nature Around Us

Thanks Paula for sharing the beauty you have seen around Chatham-Kent and beyond with us. The peace and tranquility of nature is reflected in your captures.

Travels Around Chatham-Kent & beyond in 2020

Our cyclist photographer has capture some wonderful photos from frogs to dragonflies and sunsets. Her love of nature is found in each capture.

This Week’s Views From a Cyclists

Standing Balance Exercises with Meredith

This week Meredith is sharing with us some standing Balance Exercises that builds up strength and flexibility in their core and lower body muscles. Below the video is a Message from Team Meredith about this video.

In this exercise video Meredith is going through a great 20 min standing balance challenge routine perfect for anyone who is looking to build up strength and flexibility in their core and lower body muscles.

Having sturdy balance is so important because it’s something we use everyday. Walking, jogging, going up and down stairs etc all require a lot from our bodies especially in areas that help us balance.

Having a strong core helps us with sitting, getting up and in and out of bed. Having strong lower body muscles also contributes to these movements as well as our movement through space. Together,  they make up our base which is our balance.

In this routine Meredith looks to help you strengthen these areas and offer routines you can easily do at home on a weekly basis to help you develop and strengthen your balance.  This is a brief 20 min routine and we hope you enjoy the benefits of it. As always keep water close by and remember to stretch.

Have a great workout! Team MeredithSHOW

WAAC Requests all Member’s Personal Items be Picked Up

Hi, everyone

Presently WAAC is developing policies and guidelines for the safe reopening of our Centre. Due to Covid19 guidelines, member’s personal items can no longer be left at the Centre. Examples of personal items include yoga mats, indoor shoes/slippers, pool cues, etc. WAAC asks all members with any personal items at the Centre to please arrange pick up on the following dates and times.

Place: WAAC

Dates: Wed. Aug. 26/20, 8:00 am to 10:00 am

            Fri. Aug. 28/20, 8:00 am to 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Thank you for taking the time to pick up your personal items.

WAAC Board of Directors  

What’s Cooking~~S’mores Cheese Ball

Keeping with our theme of no bake desserts to help during these warm days of August we have a unique recipe from Delish. This recipe will not only be a tempting treat for the whole family it will be leaving them wanting S’more. A Downloadable/Printable version can be found at the end of the recipe. We hope you will enjoy this delicious treat that will be the hit around the campfire or Barbecue.

From: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a21085339/smores-cheese-ball-recipe/


16 oz. cream cheese, softened

1/2 c. powdered sugar

1/3 c. marshmallow crème

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Pinch kosher salt

2/3 c. mini chocolate chips


1/4 c. mini chocolate chips

1/4 c. marshmallow bits

1/4 c. crushed graham crackers

Whole graham crackers, for serving


  1. In a medium bowl using a hand mixer, beat together cream cheese, powdered sugar, marshmallow crème, vanilla, and salt. Fold in mini chocolate chips, then place in refrigerator to firm up, 30 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, make coating: Combine mini chocolate chips, marshmallow bits, and crushed graham crackers on a shallow plate. When marshmallow mixture is firm, shape into a large round ball and roll in coating. Serve with graham crackers.

A Little Bit Of Humour~~Part 17

This week we have seen wacky storms, warm weather and new flowers blooming. We have seen lemonade stands popping up again and more people getting out and about enjoying the nice weather we had. Yet it always nice to take a moment and enjoy A little Bit Of Humour so enjoy this Friday with a few Funnies.

The Sprouting Entrepreneurs

Exercises Time

Nature’s Cruel Joke

Facebook Fish Story

Three More Weeks

Trivia Thursday~~August 20th

Are you ready for our 15th addition of Trivia Thursday?  Today’s is All About Nature. As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. What animal has the longest lifespan?
  2. What is the gestation period of a blue whale
  3. Why does some bat guano sparkle?
  4. What leaves does a silkworm prefer to eat?
  5. Which plant has flowers but no proper leaves?
  6. Which flower symbolizes beauty?
  7. There is a pretty little flower that shares its name with a musical instrument. Which is it?
  8. Speedwell is a herb with small, purple flowers also known as?
  9. What Vegetable has varieties with these name Spaghetti, Custard White, Turk’s Turban
  10. Which red flower was featured on the reverse of a Canadian quarter (25 cents) in 2004?


A group of young girls, who were friends since grade school, gather together near the end of summer. It was going to be last time they would get together since they were heading to college in the next couple of weeks.  They each brought something very delightful to share for lunch. They considered setting up their picnic by the mulberry tree but to many spiders and bug exoskeletons were lying around and did not make it look to inviting. 

They moved over to the Cactus garden which was very intriguing from the distance all the different sizes and shapes made their imaginations run wild.

“That one looks like a Giant Tortoise” Rose pointed to one which was round and held many scars on it.

“Oh those two together, looks like an elephant. See that one makes it trunk and that one makes it body”. Veronica pointed out to the girls.

As they laid the blanket out and placed their wonderful treats on it.  Poppy noticed Daisy had a wonderful pie.  “Ohh, pumpkin pie my favorite”

Daisy replied with a mischievous grin. “Close but no it is squash pie, my mom’s secret recipe. She calls it summer harvest pie.”

Hearing that all the girls were curious and started their picnic with dessert first.  They were grown now and going off to college in a couple of weeks so why not start with dessert first.

They spent the day chatting, joking, playing Frisbee and other games trying to forget that they will not be able to get together like this for another 8 to 12 months. 

“Let’s take a selfie” Viola yelled as she jumped to her feet.

They gathered together, Viola put her camera on timer and ran and joined them. They did several takes some serious, some funny but the last one was the best it was all of them in a group hug as tears ran down their faces.

“Well we have Christmas break in 4 month, maybe we can try to get together then.” Daisy said trying to cheer up the group but deep down they all knew it would be awhile before a day like today will happen again.

Afraid of losing touch they made a pack that every 24 months they will come together no matter what and spend the day together.  Not wanting to say good bye they all said “see you soon” as they packed up and left.