Little bit of Humour~~Part 14

Another Friday has arrived and July is ending with the heat then the storms, one never know what will come next in Canada. This week we bring you a little bit of Canadian Honour. So grab your Timmies and sit back and have a few laughs.

Moving To Canada

Canadian Guard Goose

A Silver Lining

Trivia Thursday July 30th

Are you ready for our 12th addition of Trivia Thursday?  Today is all Canadian Questions. As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. What was the name given to the group of women who successfully argued that women were considered ‘people’ under the law?
  2. In 1955, the instant replay was first used in which Canadian sports?
  3. Fernand Lachance of Warwick, Quebec is the widely accepted inventor of this Canadian comfort food. What is the name of this comfort food?
  4. What was the name of the board game that Canadians Scott Abbott and Chris Haney invented in1979?
  5. North York’s Daniel Negreanu has won millions over his career playing what?
  6. What did Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier invent?
  7. In 1913, what common clothing necessity was invented by a Canadian that is attached to men’s and women’s pants?
  8. Canadian brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, have appeared together on what type of television reality show since 2011?
  9. Do you know which Canadian owl is the heaviest of the species as a whole?
  10. Which animal is equipped with feet that spread to make it easy for it to walk on snow?


It was a rainy day in July and George was reminiscing about times gone by and the friends he shared special moments with over the years.  While browsing through his photo album memories of his poker buddies came to his mind. It had been 10 years since he last saw them. I wonder what they are up to now. He was suddenly startled by a knock at the door. Looking at the time, he remembered his granddaughter Sierra was coming to visit today.  

“Come in” he hollered

“Grandpa how many times has mom told you not to leave your door unlocked.” Sierra said as she walked in.

“What no Hello first?” he said with a slight glimmer in his eye. He loved his granddaughter even her sassy ways.

She looked over at his stack of photo albums “What are you doing?”


“You know I can put those all on a computer file for you and you can flip through them quicker”

“You, young ones and your technology, there is something about flipping thorough pages that bring the memories more to life for me.”  He smiled at the thought of how times have changed. “Come sit with me.”

Sierra walked over and sat down. She noticed a picture of what looked like a band from the 60’s  “Who are they?”

“Oh this is The Famous Five it was a garage band I was in.  Oh we had so much fun, we then became poker buddies.   This is Terry.” pointing at a young man with dark tanned skin and blond hair. You would not know it from looking at him but he was an amazing Ice Hockey and Lacrosse player, and boy did he love his poutine.”

“This is Ted.” He pointed to a long dark haired scruffy looking person.  “He was the smartest of us, I thought for sure one day we would see him on Jeopardy. He never lost a Trivial Pursuit game. He was a walking encyclopedia”

“Oh and then we have Garry. He motioned to the one holding a camera and a guitar. “He was quite the hoot love to push his photography to the limits. You may have seen some of his photos, they were published in the National Geographic.”

While pointing he made a request of Sierra “Could you go over to that cupboard and pull out the stack of magazines?”

She did as he requested.  “Thank you sweetie”

She noticed that there were a few dog eared pages, he flipped to them.  This is one of his and so is this one” He pointed at a lynx and polar bear. “Oh yes this one is as well.”

She looked and saw a magnificent picture of a snowy owl in flight while great horn owl sat on a branch of a dead tree.  “Wow”

She saw a smile come across her grandfathers face that she had never seen before, quickly she open the zipper of her purse and pulls out her camera and snaps a picture. He did not even notice.

He went back to the photo.  “Oh and Jeff, when winter came around he was always out on his snowmobile did not surprise me when he purchased  500 acre of property with trails and bush on it. He built a cabin in the middle of it for us boys to hang out in.” A little sadness filled his heart about how he missed them.

“Where are they now grandpa?” 

“We have scattered across Canada to be closer to our children and grandchildren. Oh how I miss them so”.

Sierra knew that the surprise her mom and her had for him would make his heart jump with joy. She thought about how mom was able to find all his friends and bring them together for lunch today and a weekend with his boys.

“What are you think about Sweetie?”

Nothing Grandpa, but we should get going or we will be late for lunch”

Ask A Tech Geek~~ July 29, 2020

Welcome to another segment of Ask a Tech Geek.  First we want to let you know that for the month of August our Ask A Tech Geek will be on Hiatus as our resident geek is taking a vacation.  Remember that all her segments are published on this site so use the search bar and see if there is anything you missed or if a question you have has already been answered.

Today we will be covering I phone, I pad and I touch location Services.

My apps want to use my location on my IPad.  How do I turn off and on my locations and GPS?

Many of our apps do not need to use the location services and can use up battery life, and memory resources when allowed access to them.  Other Apps like Maps or tracking distance travel will need access to your Locations services. Apple explains it best. So the following is from Apple Support.

Turn Location Services and GPS on or off on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Learn how to turn GPS and Location Services on or off for individual apps.


How to give apps permission to use your location

Some apps might not work unless you turn on Location Services.1 The first time an app needs to access your Location Services information, you’ll get a notification asking for permission. Choose one of these options:

  • Tap Allow to let the app use Location Services information as needed.
  • Tap Don’t Allow to prevent access.2
  • Tap Ask Next Time to choose Always While Using App, Allow Once, or Don’t Allow.

iOS devices might use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to determine your location. GPS and cellular location are available on iPhone and iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) models.


How to turn Location Services on or off for specific apps

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Make sure that Location Services is on.
  3. Scroll down to find the app.
  4. Tap the app and select an option:
    • Never: Prevents access to Location Services information.
    • Ask Next Time: This allows you to choose Always While Using App, Allow Once, or Don’t Allow.
    • While Using the App: Allows access to Location Services only when the app or one of its features is visible on screen. If an app is set to While Using the App, you might see your status bar turn blue with a message that an app is actively using your location.
    • Always: Allows access to your location even when the app is in the background.

From here, apps should provide an explanation of how the app will use your location information. Some apps might offer only two options. Learn more about privacy and Location Services.

  1. Location Services uses GPS and Bluetooth (where they’re available), along with crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular towers to determine the approximate location of your device.
  2. Apps won’t use your location until they ask for your permission and you allow permission.

Resources: Apple Support

Thank you to the reader that sent in this question. For now this resident geek would like to wish you all a great rest of the Summer and I look forward to reading your questions and concerns when I return in September. Until then please remember to be safe not only in public but online too.  


A Visit to the Toronto Zoo~~ Part 6

Welcome. Come let us take a virtual stroll to the the Rhino enclosures and see their Unique beauty. First we will start with a visit to the Indian Rhino and her baby, then a visit the One Horn Rhino with her baby. Lastly a visit with the White Rhino. We hope you enjoy these special moment.

A Baby is Born

Bath Time

Mommy and Me Time

Mommy I am Hungry.

Who Doesn’t Love a Shower especially on a Warm Day

Mommy What is that in the Corner

Brain Freeze

Oh Mommy Play with Me

What’s Cooking ~~Delicious Bountiful Blueberry Muffins

Welcome back to another segment of What’s Cooking. Today we have a wonderful Blueberry Muffin recipe that would a wonderful addition to any breakfast or snack. With fresh blueberry being plentiful this time of the year what better way to celebrate their unique taste.

At the end of the recipe you will find a downloadable/printable version to add to your collection. Enjoy the taste of summer.

Photo by Lisa Fotios


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

3/4 cup granulated sugar, and 1 tablespoon for muffin tops

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/3 cup (80 ml) vegetable oil

1 large egg

1/3 – 1/2 cup milk; (dairy or not dairy)

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 cup of fresh blueberries


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Line muffin tins with paper liners (Makes 8-10 standard to large muffins depending on size)
  2. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl with a whisk.
  3. In a small bowl or large measuring cup combine oil, egg, and milk slightly whisking adding vanilla at the end.
  4. Add liquid mixture into dry ingredients.  Using a fork to combine but do not over mix. (The consistency of the batter will be thick). Fold in the blueberries.
  5. Divide the batter between muffin cups. Sprinkle a little sugar on top of each muffin.
  6. Bake muffins 20 to 25 minutes (mini muffins will take about 9-11 minutes) or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of comes out clean. Transfer to a cooling rack.

They will last 2 to 3 days if stored at room temperature and sealed in a plastic container or bag. They will last up to 3 months in a freezer in a sealed plastic bag or wrapped in tinfoil.

A Little Bit of Humour Part 13

Can you believe that July is almost coming to an end? We have seen some hot weather and strong storms but have endured. We will continue to overcome what ever is thrown at us with another segment of A Little Bit Of Humour.

When You Can’t Get to a Beach You Make One.

For Our Golfing Friend’s Talk about Water Hazards

The Tricky Lawn Chair

That’s What Neighbours Are For

Trivia Thursday

Are you ready for our 11th addition of Trivia Thursday?  As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. This Canadian hero was a World War I flying ace. His first name was William. How does Canadian know him as?
  2. Who was Canada’s first female magistrate or judge?
  3. Although best known as a singer, Bryan Adams has also had considerable success in what other field
  4. Alexander Graham Bell is generally, though controversially, credited with inventing the telephone in 1876. How did Bell come up with the idea of the telephone?
  5. Sudbury-born Alex Trebek is a well-known in the United States as the host of “Jeopardy!”. Before heading south of the border Trebek hosted which longtime Canadian high school quiz show?
  6. Which Canadian, born in Ontario in 1861, is generally regarded as the man who invented basketball?
  7. Bob Homme a Canadian actor known for saying “look up, look waaaaaay up”. Who is the character that he played?
  8. What is the fastest flying bird in the world
  9. Why is a giraffe’s tongue black or purple?
  10. What are a flock of Flamingos called?


Billy Bishop was a young goat who was in love with a Peregrine Falcon named Emily Murphy.  It was an unrequited love as a goat should not love a bird. While he was daydreaming of her, a Cooper hawk flew overhead as the bleating of his brothers snapped him back to reality. 

“Oh I wish Emily would notice me!”

His words floated up to the Hawk ears.  He flew down and landed on a dead tree beside Billy.

“Who is this Emily and why do you love her so?” He asked

Billy was startled by his sudden presence.  “Who are you?”

“Sorry for frightening you, my name is James, James Naismith. I just happen to hear your desire for Emily to love you and was a bit intrigued to know more.”

Billy now curious of this creature climbed up on a rock to reach for the top of the branch for a closer look.  “Emily is like you a wonderful bird of prey but we are never meant to be as I am a goat and would be known as prey to many.” A sullen look took hold of his face.  

Just as the two were discussing Billy’s predicament a man approached the field.  James was nervous as any wild bird would but Billy reassured him that this man was not going to hurt him. He was the friendly giant who had a passion for photography.  

When the man approached slowly and calmly towards them, “What an amazing shot this would be a bird of prey appearing to be talking to a goat.” He thought to himself.

Suddenly Emily dove from the sky and landed on the branch beside James. 

“Hi Emily” Billy said lovingly, unfortunately she acted like he did not exist.

“Oh yes he back I love getting my picture taken!” She exclaimed with such flamboyance that James understood now why Billy found her captivating.

The man took a few steps forward, with more excitement  he could capture. Two birds of prey together with a goat, never in his life had he seen such a site.  Getting down on one knee the camera shutter could be heard.  Emily started posing for the pictures wings up, wings down head turned to the left head turn to the right. She was a born model for her kind. 

James started to fall in love with her now too. “Well hello there, my name is James”

“Oh hi, never noticed you there now do you mind getting out of my shot.” Herself absorbed ways captivated him even more.  

“When you are done here would you like to join me in a meal a few fields over? I know the perfect spot to capture some ground squirrels.”

“Oh that sounds delightful, photo shoots always builds my appetite.” She states while doing a few more poses

Billy knew he had lost another chance of trying to get Emily to notice him and jumped off the rock.  The man seemed to sense something was wrong and walked up to him. “Billy, what is the matter with you?”

Just as he approached them, James and Emily flew away to dine in a field nearby.

Kneeling down to stroke Billy’s head, a tube of sunscreen fell from the Friendly Giants pocket.  Picking it up the man said, “Can’t lose this, I need it to prevent sunburn. Come on Billy let’s head home I will make your favorite cabbage stew.” 

Billy and The Friendly Giant headed out of the field. “One thing I know for sure,” Billy thought, “at least I have his love”

Ask A Tech Geek~~July 22, 2020

Welcome to another addition of Ask A Tech Geek. As technology advances so are the ways scammers operator. The more informed we have about their ways, the less likely they can take advantage of us

Today we are going to answer questions concerning Caller ID Spoofing.

Why are people calling me and asking me why I called them?  Has my phone been hacked?  I called a number that is scamming, when I call them back, they say it wasn’t them. How can this be?

We have all received scam phone calls saying your visa has been compromised; you owe Revenue Canada or you have won a trip on West Jet, etc. There are so many different ones out there right now. When you receive these calls many times they come from local phone numbers or the number they use continue to change every day.

The form of technology they are using is known as Caller ID Spoofing.

What is Caller ID Spoofing?

We know that Caller ID lets you know who is calling you. Caller ID Spoofing is when the caller uses a computer program/App that alters the Caller ID number from theirs to another one. It could be one that someone owns or one that is not in service. They could be calling from India or USA and make it look like it coming from right in our own community.

This app allows the scammers to be anonymous while creating two victims:” the person they called and the one who’s number they spoofed.  This protects the scammers from people tracing their number back to them and receiving retaliating calls from their victim.

Why are these programs/apps available and is it illegal to use them?

These programs/apps were created for legitimate purposes; unfortunately like all criminals they found a way to take advantage of these programs to aid in their criminal activities.   When call centres were created they would use these apps to call on behalf their clients. When more people started working from home these programs would allow them to have their office/business/work number show instead of their personal number. 

It is not illegal to use them for legitimate purposes as long as they accurately identify themselves and their client; however it is illegal to use them to scam others.

So What Should We Do?

If you receive a phone call from a number you may not recognize don’t answer it.  If you happen to and they ask you to do anything or ask for personal information hang up. 

If it happens to look like a legitimate number like your bank, Revenue Canada’s etc, remember they already have your personal information and will not need ask for it. You can always, “I am sorry I will have to call you back.” Then call the number you have on hand. If they make you feel pressured then it is not a legitimate call.

If it a unknown number and you are feel comfortable enough, phone the number and let the person who owns it know that their number has been spoofed.  Many time people are not aware their number is being used in a scam and will receive some harassing phone calls or threatening messages.  This Geek love to call then and let them know what going on a friendly voice will help them understand and that is what I hope someone would do for me.

Remember everyone gets these types of phone calls and eventually everyone’s number will be involved in some sort of Caller ID Spoofing.  It always nice to know that you are not alone and that there are friendly people out there that have your back.

You can block the number that calls you but be aware they are just going to change it up in a day or two and another number will be used for the scam.

Should I Change My Phone Number If It Happens To Me?

Changing your phone number will not help if your number has been spoofed, as eventually it will happen to your new number.  Just be patient and know that in a few days they will use another number to do their scams. 

If you receive harassing or threatening calls about you calling, just calmly and politely let them know about spoofing and that their number could be used for a scam. 

If you like more information click here for more information from the Government of Canada

What’s Cooking~~ No Cooking, Sugar or Pectin Free Refrigerator Jam

Welcome back to another segment of What’s Cooking. Today we have a very interesting way to make refrigerator jam with out cooking which is perfect on these hot summer day. Also sugar free which help us control our sugar intake especially for those who are diabetic.

Thank you to the visitor who sent us not only the recipe but the wonderful image with the recipe on it.

You will find a printable download version at the end of the recipe enjoy.

No Cooking, Sugar and Pectin free Refrigerator Jam

Make 2 cups

1 1/3 cup of Strawberries

1/3 cup Rhubarb

2Tablespoons of raw honey (or to taste)

2 Tablespoon Chia seeds

Process all ingredients in a blender and refrigerate overnight. The chia seeds will gel thickening the fruit puree

Add additional dice fruit if you like it chunky.

A Little Bit Of Humour ~~Part 12

It time to bring a little bit of humour into our live and today we have a couple that will give us a blast from the past. Sharing some retro Comic strips from years gone by. Hope this bring a smile to your face as with a quick visit to our childhood and early adult years.

From July 17 1954 Charlie Brown and the Peanuts, and for some parents this still holds true today. Some children love to get dirty.

From April 1960 Blondie and Dagwood . Yes with barbecue weather here our neighbours or maybe even you making it smell good outside.

From May 1970, Beetle Bailey. A time before computers and smartphones an era when auto correct did not exist but our fingers were still as clumsy as ever.

From January 1981, Hagar The Horrible. Was always there to bring a smile to ones face with a twist on the truth during those times.

Government Incentives and Covid News for Seniors~~ July 17’s Update

Things have rapidly changed again for us. Starting today, Chatham-Kent and most of the province is moving into stage 3.

While Chatham-Kent has moved to stage 3 you must be aware that Lambton and Windsor-Essex are remaining in stage 2.  While many things are sanctioned to open up it is still up to each municipality and\or businesses discretion as to when and/or how things will open in this new stage.

What New for Stage 3?

Almost all business will be open up; restaurants can now serve inside; splash pads and arenas will be allowed to operate events and activities maybe allowed to go ahead and more people can gather together in social activities as long as they are social distancing.

In Chatham-Kent:

“Dr. David Colby is permitting that the following operations in Chatham-Kent may resume service as early as Friday, July 17 at 12:01 A.M with public health measures in place:

  • Outdoor recreational facilities, including playgrounds and splash pads (splash pads open next week)
  • Indoor facilities for sports and recreational fitness activities, including gyms, yoga and dance studios and other fitness facilities
  • Training for indoor team sports and individual high-contact sports
  • Seated dining indoors at restaurants and bars; no buffets
  • Personal services for the face (facials, facial piercings, eyebrow waxing, eyelash extensions etc.)
  • Performing arts shows and cinemas with reduced capacity for physical distancing
  • Casinos (slots and electronic gaming only; no table games) and charitable gaming halls and events, including horse racing
  • Remaining workplaces may open, with remote work wherever possible”

For us, our Restaurants are opening up their dining areas, while splash pads and arenas will remain closed until after decided on by the Council on Monday night. This is a logistic move to make sure that everyone is on board with how to proceed in this new stage.

The Chatham Casino will be remaining closed for the time being but hoping to open in the near future. Many other business and work places will be opening up throughout the week as soon as they have all procedures and protocols in place.

The Ontario government has increased limits on how many can gather.  According to their policy

“As part of the Stage 3 reopening, Ontario will be increasing gathering limits for those regions entering the next stage to the following:

  • Indoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 50 people;
  • Outdoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 100 people;
  • Gathering limits are subject to physical distancing requirements.”

Social bubble/circles will remain the same only 10 people and all must remain only that bubble/circle. Hopefully in the next few weeks we may see that number increase but as for now to keep our numbers low and to help do tracing easily if necessary, the government would like the social circles to remain small.

Emergency Order Extended

While we are opening up into Stage 3 for economic reasons, the Ontario Government has extended the Emergency Orders until July 29th. Their reasoning is as follows.

“Keeping the emergency orders in place provides the government with the necessary flexibility to ensure the protection of vulnerable populations, such as seniors, while continuing to implement its Framework for Reopening the Province with many regions entering Stage 3 on Friday.”

In summary, by extending the Emergency Order they can keep watch on how Covid-19 progresses as we move forward into stage 3. This gives them the opportunity to move quickly and enforce new measures should there suddenly become an increase case numbers due to moving into this next stage.

USA and Canada Border Remains Closed.

The US and Canada Governments has agreed to extend the border closure for not essential travels until August 21st. While they are allowing people to visits immediate family on either side of the border, the Canadian Government has made a decree that anyone entering Canada must self isolate for 14 days no matter how long you were resided or visited in the USA.

What Does That Mean For Us?

It means that we are moving forward to a more normal way of life with some major changes on how we socialize.  It means that our provincial case numbers as well as our local numbers have remained low enough to move forward.

While Chatham-Kent is not making it mandatory to wear masks indoors other municipalities have so if you are planning on traveling make sure you bring your masks with you.

We are to continue to social distance even though social activities can be enlarged to 50 indoors and 100 outdoors. If social distancing may be hard we are encouraged to wear masks. We must remember to practise good hygiene by washing our hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer regularly. 

For those 70 and older or have compromised immune systems it is still recommended we wear masks when out in public or in social environments.

If you still do not feel comfortable going out in public, please do not feel pressured to do so. Some may like to see how the next couple of weeks progress with the number of cases before deciding to move forward, and we respect that. In this day and age we are all responsible for our own health as we move forward into stage 3. Just remember to take a moment and enjoy the weather outside even if it is in your own backyard or balcony.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out and message us. We are in this together and together we will get through.

Research References:

Reopening Ontario

Reopening in Stage 3

Ontario Emergency Order Extended

C-K’s Medical Officer of Health Public Statement

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USA Canada Border Closure Extended

Trivia Thursday July 16th 2020

Are you ready for our 10th addition of Trivia Thursday?  As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. What is the largest planet in our solar system?
  2. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?
  3. Red dwarf stars are the most common type of star found in which galaxy? (Hint: We are part of it)
  4. What flavor ice cream did Baskin-Robbins release in 1969 to commemorate America’s landing on the moon?
  5. How many squares in a chessboard?
  6. Which country invented Paper?
  7. What two letters never appear on the telephone dial?
  8. How many keys are on the Piano?
  9. Which word goes before vest, beans and quartet?.
  10. Which animal symbolizes good luck in Europe?


On a warm evening in July, Jesse decided to head out to look at the stars.  Stepping out the door, she could tell that the Mercury was raising, not unusual for this time of the month.  

She was not going to let a little bit of heat stop her from capturing the rare sight of the NEOWISE comet passing by.  With her camera and tripod in one hand and a Milky Way chocolate bar and blanket in the other, she head across the open field to find the perfect spot.  Oh how this field brought back memories. Remembering the time when she was a child trying to dig her way to China, she snickered at how naive she was back then.

She walked about 64 feet when she looked up and was amazed at how bright Jupiter was.  On the horizon, she noticed at least 88 to 100 fireflies twinkling in a small tree almost like a string of lights.  As she was setting up her camera on the tripod a ladybug landed on her arm.  While most children would sing the lady bug song, Jesse mother taught her to recite the Alphabet until the lady bug flew away. Whatever letter it would fly away on would be the first letter of her first child name.  In memory of her mother did it by the time she got to Q it flew away only to return again. The next time it flew away on the letter Z. “Well it looks like I may just have twins.” She chuckled to herself.

Just moments later she caught sight of the comet. With the buzzing sounds of the mosquitoes surrounding her, she took some time lapsed of the comet hoping to make its tail prevalent in her shots.  After about an hour and one chocolate bar later, she packed up and headed back home looking forward to a cone of Lunar Cheesecake she had picked up earlier for this occasions.

Ask A Tech Geek July 15

Welcome to today’s Ask a Tech Geek. There has been talk about how our smart phones track us. Today we will cover the questions about Google Location History.

What it Google Location? Can I turn it off? How do I manage my Google Location History? Can I delete it?

With every mobile device, Google use location to help you maneuver around websites so that you can locate the store near you. They use it to help navigate you to where you want to be. One thing every movement you make with your mobile device is logged and recorded in your Location History.

Now Google give you the option to turn off your location app and also gives you the opportunity to delete all or part of your history. You even have the option to auto delete after so many months.

Google Location History is a great way to remember where you were if you need to back track or if you have to prove that you were somewhere at a certain time and date.

There is no better way to explain how to manage, turn off and use Google Locate History then to share the following from Google Support.  It will cover “How to” with both android Map App and website access.

Each link will take you to your area of Google Location History as long as you are logged into your Google account.

Manage your Location History

Location History is a Google Account–level setting that saves where you go with every mobile device where:

  • You’re signed in to your Google Account,
  • You have turned on Location History, and
  • The device has Location Reporting turned on.

When you turn on Location History, you may see a number of benefits across Google products and services, including personalized maps, recommendations based on places you’ve visited, help finding your phone, real-time traffic updates about your commute, and more useful ads.

  • Location History is turned off by default for your Google Account and can only be turned on if you opt in.
  • You can pause Location History at any time in your Google Account’s Activity controls.
  • You control what’s saved in your Location History. You can view the places where you’ve been in Google Maps Timeline, and you can edit or delete information through Timeline as well.

Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 8.0 and up. Learn how to check your Android version.

Turn Location History on or off

You can turn off Location History for your account at any time. If you use a work or school account, your administrator needs to make this setting available for you. If they do, you’ll be able to use Location History as any other user.

  1. Go to the “Location History” section of your Google Account.
  2. Choose whether your account or your devices can report Location History to Google.
    • Your account and all devices: At the top, turn Location History on or off.
    • Only a certain device: Under “This device” or “Devices on this account,” turn the device on or off.

When Location History is on

  • Google only receives Location History for each device where you are signed in and you have Location Reporting turned on.
  • You can change the Location Reporting setting for each device where you’re signed in, and limit which devices provide location data to be included in Location History. If you want to change your Location History settings, you can choose to:
    • Report your location from only some of your devices, but not others.
    • Report your location from all your devices.
    • Turn off Location History for your Google Account. Your location won’t be reported from any of your devices and you will not have new Location History recorded to your account.
  • Your settings for other location services on your device, like Google Location Services and Find My Device, are not changed.

When Location History is off

  • New location information is no longer saved to your Location History.
  • Previous activity is not deleted from your Location History. You can manually delete your Location History.
  • Your settings for other location services on your device, like Google Location Services and Find My Device, are not changed.
  • Some location data may continue to be saved in other settings, like Web & App Activity, as part of your use of other services, like Search and Maps, even after you turn off Location History.

Delete Location History

You can manage and delete your Location History information with Google Maps Timeline. You can choose to delete all of your history, or only parts of it.

Important: When you delete Location History information from Timeline, you won’t be able to see it again.

Use the Google Maps app

Delete all Location History

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial Account Circle and then Your Timeline Timeline.
  3. In the top right, tap More More and then Settings and privacy.
  4. Under “Location settings,” tap Delete all Location History.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Delete a range of Location History

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial Account Circle and then Your Timeline Timeline.
  3. Tap More Moreand then Settings and privacy.
  4. Under “Location settings,” tap Delete Location History range.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Delete a day from Location History

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial Account Circle and then Your Timeline Timeline.
  3. Tap Show calendar Show calendar.
  4. Select which day you want to delete.
  5. Tap More Moreand then Delete day.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Delete a stop from Location History

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial Account Circle and then Your Timeline Timeline.
  3. Tap Show calendar Show calendar.
  4. Select the day with a stop you want to delete.
  5. Tap the stop you want to delete and then Delete Delete .
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Use a web browser

Delete all Location History

  1. In your web browser, open your Google Maps Timeline.
  2. Tap Delete Delete .
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Delete a day from Location History

  1. In your web browser, open your Google Maps Timeline.
  2. Choose a year, month, and day you want to delete.
  3. Tap Delete Delete .
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Delete a stop from Location History

  1. In your web browser, open your Google Maps Timeline.
  2. Choose a year, month, and day you want to delete.
  3. Next to the stop you want to delete, tap More Moreand then Remove stop from day.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Automatically delete your Location History

You can choose to automatically delete Location History that’s older than 3 months or 18 months.

Use the Google Maps app

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial Account Circle and then Your Timeline Timeline.
  3. At the top right, tap More Moreand then Settings and privacy.
  4. Scroll to “Location settings.”
  5. Tap Automatically delete Location History.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Use a web browser

  1. In your web browser, open your Google Maps Timeline
  2. At the bottom right, click Settings Settings icon and then Automatically delete Location History
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

What happens after you delete some or all Location History

If you delete some or all of your Location History, some personalized experiences across Google may be degraded or lost. For example:

  • Albums in Google Photos automatically created from places you’ve visited
  • Recommendations based on places you’ve visited
  • Real-time information about the best time to leave for home or work in order to beat the traffic

Important: If you have other settings like Web & App Activity turned on and you pause Location History or delete location data from Location History, you may still have location data saved in your Google Account as part of your use of other Google sites, apps, and services. For example, location data may be saved as part of activity on Search and Maps when your Web & App Activity setting is on, and included in your photos depending on your camera app settings.

Usage & diagnostics for Location History

When you turn on Location History, your device may send diagnostic information to Google about what’s working and not working for Location History. If you turn Location History off, you can decide whether to share usage and diagnostics information.

All usage and diagnostics information is used in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.What information your device could share

Your device may send information to Google to help improve Location History. For example, sent information could include:

  • Quality and length of your connections to mobile networks, GPS, Wi-Fi networks, or Bluetooth
  • State of your location settings
  • Restarts and crash reports
  • Apps used to turn Location History on or off
  • Battery levels

How shared information helps Google improve

Usage and diagnostics information can help improve Google apps, products, and Android devices. For example, Google can use information to improve:

  • Battery life: Google can use information about what’s using the most battery on your device to help reduce battery consumption for commonly used features.
  • Location accuracy: Google can use information from location sensors and settings to help improve location estimates for apps and services.

Learn more about other location settings

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