Balance Classes


We all need a bit of balance in our lives both body and mind. As we age balance seems to become more of an issue for us leading us to either falling or almost falling. With these wonderful balances classes we can not only retrain our bodies but also help us maintain our balance. Giving us a life of less falls and more fun.  Don’t wait till balance becomes an issue check out our classes today.  The first class is free then $2.00 each for members and $5.00 for non members.

Breath & Balance:

Instructor: Fran Betts

Date & Time: Mondays, 2:30-3:30pm

Location: Trinity United Church 750 Wellington St, Wallaceburg  (wheel chair accessible and handicap parking available)

Level: beginner, arthritis and Osteoporosis friendly, special considerations or conditions welcome

Description of the class: 

This exercise program is for older adults, who are new to exercise, or returning after an absence. Strength, balance and relaxation are incorporated to maintain/improve balance, bone health and functional mobility.


Instructor: Jeannette Matak
Date & Time Keep an eye out for upcoming sessions

Location: 2nd floor studio

Level: For All Levels

Description of the class:

ESSENTRICS® is a dynamic, weight-free fitness program that strengthens the muscles in the elongated position; quickly creating a long, lean and rebalanced body. The unique fluid movement of ESSENTRICS® slenderizes and tones the abs, waist, thighs, arms and back, while improving posture, flexibility, agility and strength.

This revolutionary fitness technique goes beyond changing the look of your body it strengthens the muscles eccentrically, a concept opposite to the conventional, concentric view of strengthening. With the systematic use of techniques like rotational movement, PNF and isometrics, ESSENTRICS® pulls the joints apart & empowers every muscle in the body. It is an easy to follow, lifelong workout that benefits people of all ages and fitness levels who seek not only strength and flexibility, but also injury prevention and recovery

ESSENTRICS® Technique has been developed by Miranda Esmonde-White, two time NY Times bestselling author of Forever Painless and Aging Backwards.“.

Learn more about Essentrics

As a low impact, equipment-free class, it is a perfect fit for everyone. It will rejuvenate you, making you feel energize, healthy and help maintain a youth like endurance.

Tabata-Balance & Tone:

Instructor: Dana Haggith

Date & Time: Thursdays, 5:30-6:15pm

Location: 2nd Floor Studio

Level: suitable for beginners, arthritis and Osteoporosis friendly.

Description of the class:

As we age our balance can gradually decline. This class will use exercises to help maintain balance while toning muscles.  Maintaining your body’s position comfortably, whether you are walking, climbing stairs, standing or even sitting still is important. This class will utilize the balance balls some days, chairs and weights other days.