Cardio And Strength Classes

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As we progress into the better years of our lives we want to make sure that we are fit and burning fat and Calories properly.  This is where Cardio and Strength Classes can be beneficial to our everyday lives.  We have several different classes that will fit anyone’s needs and our instructors make it fun and enjoyable.  Come on out and check it out. The first class is always free.  Then it is $2.00 a class for members and $5.00 for non members.

Drumming Strength & Cardio:

Instructor: Jeannette Matak

Date & Time: Mondays, 1:00-2:00pm

Location: 2nd Floor Studio

Level: Beginners welcome, arthritis and Osteoporosis friendly, special considerations or conditions welcome

Description of the class:

Drumming brings together cut down pool noodles as drumsticks, a large exercise ball and exercise ball stand to create one of the most fun workouts you’ll ever do. You use the exercise ball as your drum, and mix in fun moves and drumming turns to keep a rhythm into a workout.  Drumming with pool noodles protects those who have arthritis in their hands, arms or shoulders. Drumming can be done seated or standing and is a fun cardiovascular workout for all ages and abilities!

Tabata-Cardio Class:

Instructor: Dana Haggith

Date & Time: Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm

Location: 2nd Floor Studio

Level: suitable for beginners, not recommended for severe arthritis and Osteoporosis. Not recommended for heart conditions without permission from a doctor

Description of the class:

Cardio training can provide several benefits. Cardio helps increase the strength of your heart and lungs and can help you improve your endurance during workouts as well.  It burns calories and is useful when trying to lose weight (along with healthy eating). During this class we will utilize a lot of the equipment upstairs such as treadmills, bicycles, ellipticals, iron horse, raised steps, and upper body pedal machine.

VON Cardio & Strengthening:

VON SMART Instructors, Mikki Burnham & Evelyn Mayo

Date & Time: Wednesdays & Fridays, 10:30-11:30am

Location: 2nd Floor Studio

Level: Beginners welcome, low to moderate intensity, arthritis friendly, sensitive to heart issues and inflammation.

Description of the class:

VON SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) classes offer low impact aerobic, balancing and strengthening routines. Each class begins with 30 minutes of active movements keeping one foot on the floor. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves but always listen to their body’s limitations. Balance routines precede the strengthening portion of our classes. Following balance moves, participants use free weights, therapeutic bands and balls for strengthening major muscle groups.

The VON classes do not require any exercises on floor mats. Modified, but equally effective, muscle strengthening moves are performed on chairs. Special focus and care is given to protect joints, the heart and other areas that require extra attention. A brief time of stretching ends each class.
Leaders are always happy to offer modifications in the aerobic or strengthening portions to accommodate any special needs of individual participants.
There is a proverb that says “a merry heart does good like a medicine”. Laughter, singing, talking, music, dancing and good friendships have become byproducts of our classes. Best medicine of all!


Instructor: Jeannette Matak
Date & Time Keep an eye out for upcoming sessions
Location: 2nd floor studio
Level: For All Levels

Description of the class:

ESSENTRICS® is a dynamic, weight-free fitness program that strengthens the muscles in the elongated position; quickly creating a long, lean and rebalanced body. The unique fluid movement of ESSENTRICS® slenderizes and tones the abs, waist, thighs, arms and back, while improving posture, flexibility, agility and strength.

This revolutionary fitness technique goes beyond changing the look of your body it strengthens the muscles eccentrically, a concept opposite to the conventional, concentric view of strengthening. With the systematic use of techniques like rotational movement, PNF and isometrics, ESSENTRICS® pulls the joints apart & empowers every muscle in the body. It is an easy to follow, lifelong workout that benefits people of all ages and fitness levels who seek not only strength and flexibility, but also injury prevention and recovery

ESSENTRICS® Technique has been developed by Miranda Esmonde-White, two time NY Times bestselling author of Forever Painless and Aging Backwards.“.

Learn more about Essentrics

As a low impact, equipment-free class, it is a perfect fit for everyone. It will rejuvenate you, making you feel energize, healthy and help maintain a youth like endurance.

Strengthening & Meditation:

Instructor: Dana Haggith

Date & Time: Thursdays, 9:00-10:00am

Location: 2nd Floor Studio

Level: suitable for beginners. Not recommended for those with severe arthritis and Osteoporosis

Description of the class:

Building your strength with resistance training can help slow down bone tissue losses that happen as we age. More research links resistance training with improved insulin sensitivity among people with diabetes and prediabetes.  Strength training also seems to be a potent antidote to inflammation, a major risk factor for heart disease and other conditions.  In this class we will be using resistance bands, our body weight, dumbbells and a mat (the centre has mats if you don’t have one).  We work on strengthening for 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes stretching and a 10 minute guided meditation.