Circuit Training Classes



Who didn’t like a good game of musical chairs when we were younger? Circuit Training classes is some what similar only with exercise and exercise equipment.  It is a great way to work your muscle groups while having a bit of fun. It keeps your workout always fresh and exciting.  Curious to see what it all entails then join one or two of our classes and see if it right for you. The first class is free then it is $ 2.00 for member and $5.00 for non members.

Circuit & Meditation Class:

Instructor: Dana Haggith

Date & Time: Mondays, 9:00-10:00am

Location: 2nd Floor Studio

Level: suitable for beginners, arthritis friendly. Not recommended for severe Osteoporosis

Description of the class: 

This is a fitness class where you are free to be social and work out at your own pace. Dana sets up a circle with different fitness equipment. She will demonstrate at the beginning of the class each exercise and how the equipment is to be used. You do each exercise for one minute at your own pace. When that minute is through there is a buzzer and some time to get to the next activity. Circuit lasts 30 minutes with drink breaks. There is 20 minutes of stretching to follow then 10 minutes of guided meditation.


Circuit Exercise:

Instructor: Dianne Matak

Date & Time: Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30am

Location: 2nd Floor Studio

Level: Beginner/intermediate, low-impact and low/medium intensity. Not recommended for arthritis or Osteoporosis

Description of the class:

Timed segments of exercise from 7 to 10 minutes. Equipment used such as steps, weights, stability balls, small balls, weighted balls, and kettle bells (weights). Includes activities of low impact, step, stability ball work, muscle endurance, stretch and relaxation.