We have several unique and fun fitness classes that help keep us active and enjoy the best years of our live. These classes are tailored for our age group and mobility levels. Check out the ones that are the right fit for you. The first class is free then $2.00 for members and $5.00 for non member unless stated otherwise. Come on out and enjoy the unique opportunities that await.

chair fitChair Fit:

Instructor: Dana Haggith
Date & Time: Mondays, 400-5:00pm
Location: Downstairs of WAAC
Level: suitable for beginners, arthritis and Osteoporosis friendly

Description of the class:

We have a great group of people joining Dana for chair exercise every Monday at 4 pm and you would make a great addition. It is a fun class to get back to exercising or if you have never exercised before. Most of the exercises are done sitting in a chair. We use light weights, sometimes tension bands, weighted and non-weighted balls and our body weight, always stretching at the end.


Instructor: Dianne Matak
Date & Time: Wednesdays, 8:30-9:00am
Location: 2nd Floor Studio
Cost: $1 per member
Level: Beginner/intermediate, low-impact and low/medium intensity. Not recommended for arthritis or Osteoporosis

Description of the class:

Step class (if not familiar with step – It uses a bench with pods to adjust step height. Assorted moves are performed stepping up and down.) Uses weights and includes a warm up and cool down with stretching.


Instructor: Dianne Matak
Date & Time: Wednesdays, 9:00-10:00 am and Fridays 8:30-9:30 am
Location: 2nd Floor Studio
Level: Beginner/intermediate, low-impact and low/medium intensity. Not recommended for arthritis or Osteoporosis
Description of the class:

A variety of exercises include muscle endurance, stretch and relaxation. Equipment used: mats, stability balls, weighted balls, small balls, light hand weights.

polingUrban Poling:

Instructor(s): Fran Betts (Jeannette Matak)

Date & Time: February 12, 2020 at 6:00
Location: Wallaceburg District Secondary High School                                                                                   920 Elgin, St Wallaceburg.
Level: Introductory

This is a free program.  You are able to sign out poles if you need them at the WAAC’s office. Also please make sure that you have registered at the Wallaceburg Service Centre for your free walking pass.

Description of the class:

When the interest is identified, two 60 minute classes are held. The first class explains the muscle response to walking with the poles and the appropriate technique after being fitted with either the Fitness or the Activator poles. The second class provides appropriate warm up and cool down exercises and tips for walking on alternate surfaces and terrains.


    Miranda group 2 Essentrics thumbnail  Essentrics

Instructor: Jeannette Matak
Date & Time: Tuesday 6:00 -7:00 pm
Location: 2nd floor studio
Level: For All Levels

Description of the class:

ESSENTRICS® is a dynamic, weight-free fitness program that strengthens the muscles in the elongated position; quickly creating a long, lean and rebalanced body. The unique fluid movement of ESSENTRICS® slenderizes and tones the abs, waist, thighs, arms and back, while improving posture, flexibility, agility and strength.

This revolutionary fitness technique goes beyond changing the look of your body it strengthens the muscles eccentrically, a concept opposite to the conventional, concentric view of strengthening. With the systematic use of techniques like rotational movement, PNF and isometrics, ESSENTRICS® pulls the joints apart & empowers every muscle in the body. It is an easy to follow, lifelong workout that benefits people of all ages and fitness levels who seek not only strength and flexibility, but also injury prevention and recovery

ESSENTRICS® Technique has been developed by Miranda Esmonde-White, two time NY Times bestselling author of Forever Painless and Aging Backwards.“.

Learn more about Essentrics

As a low impact, equipment-free class, it is a perfect fit for everyone. It will rejuvenate you, making you feel energize, healthy and help maintain a youth like endurance.