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After much searching, we have found some wonderful free online interactive games for everyone to enjoy.  There is no downloading or signing up to these games they are fully interactive on line but you may be a couple advertisement these but they are easy to ignore.  (click to the titles)

 Sudoku    This is a wonderful online game with 4 different levels from easy to expert. 

Euchre  You will have a computer as a partner and play against a computer but what a great way to keep your mind sharp and prepare for when we are back playing together again. 

Crosswords You have a choice of over 40000 puzzles to choose from.  That is a boatload of puzzles to keep one busy.  

Word Search  Thousands of puzzles and hundreds of categories and subcategories to choose from “you can even go old school and print them to enjoy offline later”.

Pool/Billiards  This is a classic 8 ball game you can play against the computer or someone live. You will have to click the play button, when you first open this up. Then you will have video ads.  Do not click on anything till you see “Skip Ad” in the bottom right hand corner of the ad, this will bring you to the game. It is highly suggested you play against the computer

Games for the Brain This site has many great games to help keep our minds sharp.  From Dragger (recommend) to chess and checkers.  Time will fly by while your mind expands.  

**Note: We will find other interactive games to add to this list if you have any suggestions please comment below. 




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