Get Crafty – Flip Flop Wreath

Summer is just around the corner and everyone is getting their backyards in order, from cleaning up the garden to decorating the patio. And what better way to cheer up your backyard than with this fun, colourful wreath made with just some Dollar Store flip flops, a pool noodle and some hot glue? This tutorial from Princess Pinky Girl will have you making this cute summer decoration in less than an hour!


  • Pool noodle (you can use a wreath frame instead if you like)
  • Duct tape
  • Glue gun
  • Flip flops – I used about 12 pairs (you can add more if you want a “fuller” look)
    • 5 printed pairs in the largest size available
    • 5 plain pairs in a smaller size
    • 2 toddler-sized pairs


  • Duck tape the pool noodle in a circle and cut it in half or if you have an already circular base, even better! You can skip this step!
  • Arrange and lay out the flip flops on top of the pool noodle
  • Glue gun the flip flops to the noodle
    • Start by gluing the largest sizes as the bottom/outer layer
    • Glue the smaller size on top of the bottom/outer layer. For the best/fullest look, arrange the flip flops to cover the gaps between the largest flip flops
    • Glue the toddler-sized pairs in the centre.
  • Let dry completely
  • Create a hook for hanging by twisting a metal wire around the circular frame (pool noodle or whatever you are using) or find a brightly coloured ribbon to loop around the top of the wreath.
  • Hang up, stand back, and admire your craftiness.

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