Government Incentives and Covid News for Seniors~ June 10.

government incentives

We promised as more information becomes available we would keep you informed. Our researcher has been busy finding the information that you may like to know.

One-Time Tax-Free Payment For Seniors

With all the anticipation for the Covid Relief for low income seniors on OAS and GIS a date has been set. While it was expected sometime in June, the government has finally come up with a date. Keep an eye during the week of July 6th on your bank accounts or your mailbox if you do not have direct deposit.

This is the announcement the Federal Government has given us.

“Separate payments will be issued during the week of July 6, 2020. If you reside in Canada, you should receive the payment that week. Direct Deposit is the fastest way to receive the payment. If you reside outside Canada, the payment will be received in July, but expect delays for cheques given international postal disruptions.”

This will come in handy to help with the extra expenses we have incurred and help us move forward as we watch areas of Ontario reopen quickly.

Ontario Continues to Reopen

Since our last segment we have seen medical facilities opening up while medical procedures are now booking appointments and some business are now allowed to operate as long as they follow guidelines and protocol designed by the Ministry of Health.

Doug Ford has just announced some areas Ontario are now ready Stage 2 of the reopening plan. On Friday June 12 another round of business will be open. Hair Salons are now booking appointments and restaurants are trying to figure out the proper way to serve their customers on patios and in parking lots. Food truck will now be allowed to again serve the public. Each type of business that is allowed to open must follow government guidelines and protocols to keep everyone safe. It will take some getting used to as we venture into this new way of living.

As stated some areas are not ready for Stage 2. Chatham-Kent has been fortunate, thanks to the diligence of our citizens, to keep our number of case low so we are able to move forward to stage 2. Just to let you know that Windsor area and Sarnia area will remain in stage 1. They will be reassessed each week by the government.

Ontario has increased social gathering limits to 10 people but we must still practice physical distancing of 6 feet (2 metres away from others)

Taking into consideration that faith is a source of comfort to many, places of worship will be allowed to reopen soon. To ensure the safety of the worshippers the government is implementing guidance and protocols to help them open up safely. This will include limiting the attendance to 30 percent of the capacity of the building and continue practising of social (physical) distancing.

CKHA has now loosen the visitation restrictions. Patients will be allowed one visitor per day between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Citing the low case of Covid 19 in our area and patients desire to have a visitor CKHA implemented this change. They will continue to monitor the situation and plan a stage approach forward.

How Does This Effect Us?

With everything moving so quickly and the summer months approaching, many are anxious to get out and enjoy the days ahead. While government knows it is getting harder to self isolate, it is still advise that those over 70 or have underline health issues continue with this practice if all possible.

Ontario’s top priority is to keep the most vulnerable people protected by implementing health protocols in all business and areas to help those that are anxious to move outside of their homes.

If we do, we must continue to take extra precautions while out. Continue to wear a mask and with social distancing while not gathering in groups larger than 10 people. Businesses are required to have hand sanitizer available to their customers so take advantage and use them. Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you and if that is not possible bring along a baggy with wet and soapy paper towels to use instead. Use it as frequently as necessary to protect yourself.

Are You Worried You Have Been Exposed?

In the last segment, we mention on how to get tested in Chatham. This week we want to make you aware that there will be a Mobile Clinic(drive thru) testing done in Wallaceburg.

From June 11 to 13 a testing clinic will be set up at the CKHA Sydenham site (Wallaceburg Hospital) at 325 Margaret Ave. Testing will be available to both those who do arrive in a vehicle and those that do not.

People are asked to enter off of Thomas Ave to make the process efficient and help streamline the flow of traffic. There will be signage directing you and everyone must register so don’t forget to bring your heath card. It will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and should there be a greater demand than anticipated more Mobile clinic days will be added.

So if you think you have come in contact with someone with it or feel you should be tested please take advantage of this opportunity to be tested right here in Wallaceburg.


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