Government Incentives and Covid News for Seniors~ June 17

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It seems like the government is making new announcements everyday as we start progressing forward in the opening the economy and with it new terms or rules.  We will try to post weekly updates to help you navigate these changes.

What is the difference between Social Distancing and Social Bubble?

As mentioned last week, we are able to gather up to 10 people as long as we social distance 6 feet apart. Since our last post you may be hearing about creating/building a social bubble of 10 people.  This is a bit different then distancing. It is made for families and close friends that are not in the same household to actually be able to get closer to one another.  Unfortunately there is one hitch, you CAN ONLY be in one social bubble meaning that all 10 people can only socialize closely with one another and no one else outside that bubble, hence why it best for families or close friends.

The social bubble that is created is to help our need for social interaction while trying to keep Covid-19 numbers down.  In our social bubble we can touch, hug, and eat together without worrying about distancing ourselves.  When building a social bubble everyone must be in agreement that they will participate in this bubble as state you can only belong to one bubble.

For example:  Grandma, Grandpa, Son and Daughter plus six grandchildren would make up a bubble. This family will be able to finally hug each other, go on picnic together and have sleepovers but only among each other and not with anyone else outside of this group.

Another example:  A group of ten friends that used to play cards together can now resume playing but they would have to social distance themselves from everyone else outside of this group.

Here is a helpful hint on how to build your Bubble keeping in mind that over the weeks our bubbles will be able to  grow in numbers.

“The province says that to form a safe social circle, Ontarians should follow these simple steps: 

    • Start with your current circle: the people you live with or who regularly come into your household. 
    • Step 2: If your current circle is under 10 people, you can add members to your circle, including another household, family members or friends. 
    • Step 3: Get agreement from everyone that they will join the circle. 
    • Step 4: Keep your social circle safe. Maintain physical distancing with anyone outside of your circle. 
    • Step 5: Be true to your social circle. No one should be part of more than one circle.”

You do not have to build your social bubble quickly or you can have less then 10. Take your time and consider all aspects of your life.

If you live alone you may want to consider a family member or two or a close friend.  Remember you do not have to join a Social Bubble if you feel uncomfortable or if you have unique circumstances that may lead to the risk of developing complications from Covid-19, for example people:

    • over 70
    • with compromised immune systems
    • with underlying medical conditions

You are in control of who you like to have in your Social Bubble, if you like to be in a Social Bubble and how small you like it to be 10 or less.

Wedding and Funeral Restrictions

The Ontario Government has eased some restrictions for funerals and weddings allowing more flexibility for the number of attendance depending on if it is being held indoor or outdoor ceremonies.  Just like religious ceremonies, funerals and weddings ceremonies indoors limits the maximum attendance at 30% of the venues capacity.  Outdoor ceremonies will be limited to 50 attendance and social distancing must be maintained.

Update on Sarnia and Emergency Order Extension

We would like to also inform you that on Friday June 19th Sarnia will be going into phase 2 and will be able to open up patios, hair salons etc just like Chatham Kent.

Today, Doug Ford announced that Emergency orders will be extended until June 30th

While current emergency orders will remain in place until the end of the month, the government will continue to review each one on an ongoing, case-by-case basis to determine when and if they can safely be adjusted or lifted, as part of the province’s framework to safely reopen the province,” the province said in a news release issued Wednesday.”

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We hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions about what is posted here or would like additional information added to our next segment please leave a comment below or click here to send us a message

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