Health Care Clinics

While we age, our health issues become more predominate in our lives. Taking this into consideration we have health care days. At the moment, we only have a Foot Care Clinic, but if you are interested in seeing more health incentive  programs,  please feel free to place your request into the Suggestion Box located on the table in the vestibule.  With two of our board members monitoring it, you can be sure they will follow up on your request.

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Foot Care Clinic

Nurse: Denise Kinny RPN

Cost: $25.00 for members; $30.00 for non members

Date & Time:

Tuesday, September 14th

Usually the Third Thursday of the Month, Check Calendar to Confirm date, Appointment Required. (call our office)

Location: In the Centre


Foot Care is very important as we get older.  After years of walking, healing from injuries and/or from standing on our feet working throughout our lives, our feet need a bit of attention and pampering.

As we age we tend to have poor circulation, increase risk of diabetes, gout, heart disease or other illness/diseases that cause foot problems. Some of us may have difficulty properly trimming toenails due to impaired vision or mobility issues.

Should symptoms arise in our feet that are left untreated we risk the chance of them becoming worse quickly. This will lead to dangerous situations like falls and infections.

Our Foot Care Clinic by Denise Kinny RPN will make sure your feet are in tip top condition while pampering them.  If you have a favourite nail polish bring it in she will apply it to those lovely tootsies.

When your feet feel good, you feel good.  Call today and make your appointment.