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Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

It’s the last Monday of the month, which means it’s time for a great dessert recipe! And with Easter coming up on Sunday, why not make today’s dessert recipe Easter-themed? These Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles are adorable and tasty! I really have to have one these, but only if I can gift the rest of the batch away!


  • 1/2 cup of butter room temperature (see note)
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 2 cups all purpose flour (see note)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup mini chocolate chips
  • pink blue, purple, and white candy melts


  • In the bowl of a large stand mixer, cream the butter and the brown sugar until light and fluffy, about two minutes. Beat in the vanilla.
  • Slowly add the flour, scraping down the sides as necessary.
  • With the mixer still running, slowly add in the sweetened condensed milk. You may need to stop the mixer periodically to scrape down the sides. 
  • Once it is fully combined, stir in the chocolate chips.
  • Form the dough into one inch balls, and then shape into eggs. Place on a wax paper-lined pan and cover loosely with plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.
  • Melt the candy melts according to the directions on the bag. Keeping the truffles in the refrigerator, and removing only three or four at a time, dip them in the candy melts one at a time with a fork. Gently tap off any excess chocolate and let dry on wax paper.
  • To add the stripe decoration to the eggs, dip a fork in a different candy melt and simply drizzle over.


Butter Note: The butter should be soft, but not at all melted. You should be able to push your finger into it but not all the way through the stick. To achieve room temperature butter quickly, cut up the butter in one inch pieces and leave out on the counter for a half hour.
Flour Note: To prevent risk of e. coli, spread the flour on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and then proceed to use in this recipe.

Recipe and image via Simple Joy

As always, if you have a favourite recipe that you would like to share, email us at

Virtual Tour – Jerusalem

Easter weekend is next weekend and Passover starts tomorrow. It is fitting that today’s virtual tour takes us to Jerusalem, the heart of the Abrahamic religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Each year, during Passover and Easter thousands of worshipers flock to Jerusalem’s holiest sites. Unfortunately, this year that won’t be possible so we’re bringing these breathtaking and spiritual sites to you in a special virtual tour.

See the Tower of David, the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and numerous other historical sites in this beautiful tour

Video via Israel

As always, if there is a specific city or site that you want to have a virtual tour of, just let us know and we will do what we can to make it happen!

Trivia Thursday~~March 25, 2021

It’s that time again Trivia Thursday, our 46th edition. It is Repeat Thursday. To test our memories and our knowledge we are posting a repeat of one of our past trivia segments. . Think you know the answers? Are you up to the challenge?

As usual the trivia questions will be listed with a short story below which has the answers hidden within it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out. The answers are posted with in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go….. Have Fun


  1. What is the hashtag symbol technically called?
  2. How many folds in a chef’s toque (hat) and what do they represent?
  3. According to the Guinness book, what was recorded as being 63 football fields long?
  4. What is the national animal of Scotland?
  5. What does M&M stands for?
  6. How many Grammys did Elvis win?
  7. What was the first soft drink in space?
  8. Approximately how many grapes go into one bottle of wine?
  9. What Aves has one of the highest metabolisms?
  10. What did clocks never have before 1577?


A Lion named Murrie and a Unicorn named Mars were the most unusual companions.  While most thought they should be mortal enemies, Mars and Murrie were like a brother and sister.  Growing up together they shared every experience and adventure.  When they were young they did the Pepsi and Coca Cola challenge. Murrie picked Pepsi while Mars pick Coca Cola but they both preferred Tab.  Murrie always chuckled at how Mars said Octopus as “Octothorpe”.

Today was going to be the biggest adventure ever, Mars was getting married to the love of his life, a young Pegasus name Marie. Murrie was thrilled to be their Maid of Honour. They met Marie at a small restaurant called The Minute Hand where they not only learned there was a 100 ways to say hello but a 100 ways to cook an egg.

Mars nervously waited for his bride to be as Murrie helped Marie adjust her veil. The Second hand veil was Marie’s something old and the 700 hummingbirds that were to carry it down the aisle was something new as well as borrowed but she was missing something blue.  Murrie reached in her mane and pulled out 3 small blue Forget-Me-Nots and gently placed them in Marie’s hair.

“You are beautiful and are ready to walk down the aisle to marry Mars.” She said with a slight tear of joy in her eye, and a hug.

Just then the wedding march began. Together they proceeded.

The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~March 24, 2021

What a wonderful time of the year, Spring when the earth awakes from its slumber and the migrating birds return. It is during these times that hope and faith are renewed as beauty blooms and new growth begins.

The sweet melody of birds fill the air as the spring flowers send forth a sweet smell upon the air. Spring is a time when the wonders of natures give joy to their audience. Just a simple walk around the block or sitting on a balcony/porch the sights and sounds of nature bring a peace that is awe inspiring. Take the time to enjoy what is around us.

Today, we are sharing a wonderful video that the Sydenham Field Naturalist have created. The Birds of Southwestern Ontario. With prime birdwatching season upon us and migrating birds flying through our area what better time to share the wonders of birds found in our area. We hope you enjoy this wonderful relaxing video. Happy Spring everyone.

We are always looking for new perspectives of our local wonders and sights so please feel free to share your with us . You can  send us a message for more details because everyone’s perspective is beautiful. 

Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Follow Jennifer of Jennifer Decorates as she shows you how to make this beautiful spring wreath. Hang it on your front door to help welcome spring to your neighbourhood or hang it on a wall inside your home where you can see it more!

Video via Jennifer Decorates

If you try your hand at this project or any other crafts we have posted, share a picture with us! We would love to see what you have created!

15 Minute Everyday Workout with Meredith

In this exercise video, Meredith is guiding you through a great workout routine that you can do everyday or days when you’re short on time and are looking to get a quick session in.

This workout is aimed towards our beginner level but don’t let that fool you! This is a great routine for anyone and will get you body warmed up, loosened up and feeling great! This exercise video includes low impact cardio moves along with great balance work and ends with core/abs work along with some great stretching to finish off strong.

As always, only do movements that you feel comfortable and never force anything that causes you pain of discomfort. Remember to take breaks when you need to and keep your water close by.

Video via Senior Fitness With Meredith

You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.

Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken


Slow cooker apricot chicken is an easy recipe using chicken thighs and dried apricots for a delicious dinner with big, fresh flavor and an intoxicating aroma – your house will smell amazing! Serve it over rice, couscous, or quinoa and drizzle some of the leftover juices on. Your taste buds will thank you!

  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 cup low-sodium chicken broth
  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon
  • 3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 cup sliced onion
  • 1 cup dried apricots, halved if desired


  1. Heat olive oil over medium-high heat in a large saute pan.
  2. Season chicken thighs with salt and pepper. Add to pan and cook for 5-6 minutes, until browned, turning once.
  3. Combine chicken broth, lemon zest and juice, mustard, garlic and thyme in slow cooker and whisk to combine. (Or you can stir it all together in a small bowl and add to your slow cooker.)
  4. Add onions, apricots and seared chicken thighs to the slow cooker.
  5. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours.
  6. Serve chicken thighs and plenty of sauce over brown rice or whole wheat couscous.

Recipe and image via Family Food on the Table. You can also follow the link for a video!

Virtual Tour – Rome

They say that in ancient times, all roads lead to Rome. As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, the saying still holds true. Follow along as this tour takes you through a city that has been around for 2800 years. Follow the path beside the Tiber River or along the Ancient Roads and enjoy glimpses of some of the most famous sites in the world, like the Palazzo di Guistizia, Castel Sant-Angelo, and the Coliseum.

This video from Treadmill TV is designed specifically for viewers to watch while walking on their treadmills at home. If you have a treadmill, hop on and watch this beautiful tour of Rome. No treadmill? No problem! You can still enjoy this beautiful, ancient city from your couch or computer chair!

Video via Treadmill TV

As always, if there is a specific city or site that you want to have a virtual tour of, just let us know and we will do what we can to make it happen!

A Little Bit of Humour – Teachers Edition

Teachers do some of the most important work in our society. They prepare the next generation to take the reins of society. They make and shape our future. They aren’t superheroes, but regular people, just like you and me. Which also means they have a sense of humour just like us. So today we are going to glimpse at the funny side of teachers.

An art teacher, a math teacher, and a science teacher are all arguing over which one of them is the smartest.
The art teacher shows the others a giant clay sculpture of a dog he made. “This thing took me nearly a month to make.” He said. “Clearly this proves that I’m the smartest.”
The math teacher just laughs at him. “That’s nothing” she says. She then pulls out a huge 1,000 question math test which she took, and the score shows that she got them all right. “It took me two months to do this, and I got them all right on the first try!!”
“Oh you make me laugh” the science teacher says. He then pulls out a robot that he built which can do laundry, walk the dog, and shoot lasers out of its eyes. “Took me three months to build this beauty, watch and weep…”
Then the gym teacher comes laughing at all three of them. “You’re all idiots” He says. “Clearly I’m the smartest of you guys.”
“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” The science teacher asks.
“Because I didn’t have to do any of that, and I still get paid the same as you!”

Trivia Thursday~~March 18, 2021

It’s that time again Trivia Thursday, our 45th edition. Today we are going to do a Throwback Thursday and Time Travel back to the 80’s. Think you know the answers? Are you up to the challenge?

As usual the trivia questions will be listed with a short story below which has the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out. The answers are posted with in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go….. Have Fun


  1. In the 80s if you turned on your television and saw the characters Tootie, Blair and Natalie, what show would you be watching?
  2. What 80s fashion trend was inspired by the movie Flashdance?
  3. What 80s film helped to start the Ray-Ban Sunglasses trend?
  4. Larry Hagman played which iconic character on the TV show Dallas?
  5. In the early 2000 Croc shoes came on to the scene but what were the shoes to wear in the 80’s if you wanted to be fashionable?
  6. What was the highest grossing movie of the 1980s?
  7. Care Bears were all the rage during the 80s. Which Care Bear was green?
  8. Which Stevie Wonder hit song was the first song to hold number one honors on four different Billboard charts?
  9. Which 1984 film by John Hughes only took two days to write?
  10. Angela, Tony, Sam, and Mona are characters from what popular 80’s sitcom?


As Angela placed 16 Candles on J.R’s cake she could not help but get misty eyed. It just seem like yesterday when he was into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and putting his sisters leg warmers in the cat bed to keep Tabby warm. Oh how she missed his innocence and joyful manner. She especially missed how he would sit outside under the stars hoping to see an UFO or an E.T. 

When he hit his teenage year he became a different person with his top gun attitude she times wondered who’s the boss. However she knew the facts of life were they would grow to become young adults, ones that will break away from their parents to make their way to the world.  She just did not realize how quickly time passes by. 

One thing she hoped for was never hearing from J.R. or his sister Mary’s lips “part time lover”.  It was hard enough for her to imagine they will be in serious relationships soon .  

Picking up the cake after she lit the last candle she headed towards the dining room.  As she entered the family who gathered started to sing Happy Birthday as she placed it on the table.  J.R. gave a little smirk and blew out the candles.  She wondered what he wished for yet knew that she could not ask as it was a secret.

She passed him the cake knife, “You are now old enough to cut the cake and dish it out.” This had been a family tradition handed down over the generations.  

J.R smiled mischievously, “I am a man now, ready to take on the world.”

Angela laughed as she went over to hug him. “And good luck with that”   

Ask a Tech Geek~~Social Media Safety Part 1

As we stated last time for the next few segments Our Geek will be discussing way to keep us safe online, If you have any questions, at the end of this article is information on how you can contact our Resident Geek.

Social Media Safety

In this day and age it seems like there is always a scam out there and since Covid there have been more phishing email scams.

Over the past year, more people have turned to social media; especially Facebook to help pass the time, keep in touch with family and friends as well as find social outlets.  At the same time scam artists and fraudsters have increased their presence creating opportunities to gain access to individual’s information in unique and unprecedented ways.   Knowing the obvious scams are easy to spot, they have now devised ways for you to share your information. Without realizing you may be giving them an opportunity to harvest your information. One way is to have you or your Facebook friends/family share/copy and paste their posts.

Facebook Page Giveaway Scam.

These scam artists knows that people love Facebook giveaways especially when businesses are being encouraged to use them to increase their Business Brand recognition.  Fraudsters will use the share and like this page giveaway technique to con people.  Here is one that was going around a few weeks ago using a fake Coca-Cola page as their bait.

As you can see they ask you to share it with your friends and then lead you to click a link to validate the entry.  This is a two way scam.  First, they exploit Facebook users to share and comment on the post and liking their page thus giving them creditability. Second, they create a phishing site to gain more information from those who click the link.

Now not all like and share advertisement is a scam, yet there are a few tell when one is. 

  1. Term/phrase” When they use something like: “Everyone person who shares, likes and/or comments will receive the offer.”  With over 2.8 Billion users on Facebook, a company would not take the risk of spending that much money for promotional items. Even if just .5% of the users participate that is roughly 14 million participants with a minimum of $20 for each prize. The company would be giving away close to $300 million. However for a scam artist that is a potential of 14 million marks (or people) to scam.
  2. Links for verification required: In other segments we talked about phishing links.  These links will not only be found in emails but also found in Facebook post especially those trying to give something away that is too good to be true.
  3. Old Company but Brand New Page.  The Coca Cola page (Example above) was created on March 5th 2021.  A company that has a social media presence for several years never starts a new page to promote themselves or a giveaway. They would use their verified Facebook page.  So check out the page before you like, share, or comment on it. Scroll through and find out how many post are old, check out their ABOUT section to see if the information aligns with the true company.
  4. Use a Gimmick/promotion to catch your eye.   The Coca-Cola one was its 125 anniversary, however with a quick Google search will reveal that their anniversary was over 10 years ago.  Use Google or another search engine to find out if what they are saying it true. Just and easy copy and paste in the engine will tell you all need to know.

Copy and Paste Scheme:

Though out the last year copy and paste Social Media posts have been circulating like crazy, especially ones that entice you to share information about you.  Realizing the need to have social interaction and engaging people to get to know one another Copy and Paste posts that look like simple fun have dangerous repercussions since you give very personal information out on your page.  This can led someone to figure out passwords or your security questions.

Here is a good example and one that not only insurance companies but also police are warning people about.

Many of us use passwords and even security questions that relate to our lives since they are easier to remember. We should guard our personal information as we would our possessions.  Our personal information is our greatest asset. It is the keys on a ring that can open many of the digital gateways we use.  (Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, health information, communications, social media accounts etc.)

Before you do that fun copy and paste posts make sure that you are not exposing too much of yourself in it; or before you share that next post about receiving something for free make sure it not fake page looking to farm/harvest your information.

Remember just because a friend or family member is posting it does not mean it is always safe.   

If you have a question you would like to have answered. Here are three ways you can ask.

  1. Leave a comment on this post,
  2. Use our  Send a Message page
  3. Email our Geek at

Till next time stay safe, stay healthy and most of all stay positive.

Your Resident Geek.

Gentle Tai Chi and Qi Gong Routine

This gentle exercise video combines Tai Chi and Qi Gong with a variety of adaptations to help make the routine safe and comfortable for you. Developed by the therapists in Toronto Rehab’s LEAP Service (Living Engaged and Actively with Pain), this routine is great for starting a gentle exercise program at home.

Video via Cara Kircher

You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.

Copycat Shamrock Shake

St. Patrick’s Day is in just a couple of days, so today’s recipe is for a seasonal fast food favourite that you can make at home. That’s right, McDonald’s Shamrock Shake in your own kitchen! This super-yummy shake is a much-anticipated start to spring for many people, and now you can make it too! Don’t forget to come back to this recipe in the heat of summer for a nice cooling treat to beat the heat. These shakes are ultra creamy, and so full of minty vanilla flavour. 


1 serving

  • 1 cups vanilla ice cream (1.5 quart container)
  • 1/4 cups whole milk
  • 1/8 tsp pure mint extract (you want mint – not peppermint)
  • Green food coloring (approximately 10-15 drops of liquid food coloring)
  • Whipped cream – for serving
  • Green sanding or sparkling sugar – for serving
  • Maraschino cherries – for serving


  1. Add ice cream, milk, mint extract and food coloring to large blender.
  2. Blend until smooth. Pour into serving glasses.
  3. Top with whipped cream, green sugar and a cherry, if desired.

Recipe and image via The Chunky Chef

Virtual Tour – The Best of Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is only 5 days away, so where else would we go for today’s virtual tour than the Emerald Isle? Join Tyler of TylerTravelsTV as he highlights some of the best places to visit in Ireland. You’ll see some of the “do-not-miss” attractions and sights in the southern half of Ireland. Treat yourself to an Irish Pale Ale while you drink in the sites and culture of this beautiful country.

Video via – TylerTravelsTV –

As always, if there is a specific city or site that you want to have a virtual tour of, just let us know and we will do what we can to make it happen!

A Little Bit of Humour – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few days away. You know what that means! That’s right! That means today’s A Little Bit of Humour is all about everything you associate with St. Patrick’s Day – Ireland, drinking, leprechauns, pots of gold, even the saint himself! The one thing about this day I will never understand though: how did a religious holiday turn into a day-long drinking festival?

Two men were sitting next to each other at Murphy’s Pub in London. After a while, one man says to the other “I can’t help but think, from listening to you, that you’re from Ireland.”
The other drunken man responds proudly “Yes, that I am!”
The first one says “So am I! And where abouts from Ireland might you be?”
The other answers “I’m from Dublin, I am.”
The first responds “So am I!”
“Mother Mary and begorah! And what street did you live on in Dublin?” asked the second.
The first man answers “A lovely little area it was. I lived on McCleary Street in the old central part of town.”
“Faith and it’s a small world. So did I! And what grade school did you go to?”
“Well now, I went to St. Mary’s, of course.”
The first drunk is now very excited. “And so did I. Tell me, what year did you graduate?”
The second thinks for a minute. “I graduated in 1964.”
The first one exclaims “The Good Lord must be smiling down upon us! I can hardly believe our good luck at winding up in the same place tonight. Can you believe it; I graduated from St. Mary’s in 1964 my own self!”
About this time another patron walks up to the bar, sits down and orders a drink.
As he serves the new patron, the barman mutters under his breath “It’s going to be a long night tonight.”
“Why do you say that?” the regular asks.
To which the barman replies “The Murphy twins are drunk again.”

Trivia Thursday~~March 11, 2021

It’s that time again Trivia Thursday, our 44th edition. It is always great to learn something new about Canada so this week’s trivia is all about Canada. Think you know the answers? Are you up to the challenge?

As usual the trivia questions will be listed with a short story below which has the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out. The answers are posted with in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go….. Have Fun


  1. Canada has 20% of this world resource. What is it?
  2. The Narcisse ________ pits located in Manitoba
  3. In 1917, Ste. Marguerite, Que was the first Canadian town to build what type of resort?
  4. What year did ‘O Canada’ become this country’s official national anthem?
  5. What popular Canadian board game was invented in 1979?
  6. What was Canada’s first newspaper?
  7. Penticton B.C. town has been holding what annual Festival every June for nearly two decades.
  8. What building straddles the USA and Canadian border of two towns Stanstead, Que and Derby Line, Vt.?
  9. Who is Laura Secord?
  10. What breed of dog was named the most popular in Canada by the Canadian Kennel Club in 2019?


It was because of the spring thaw that the ski lifts started to wind down for the season. Elvis, the local Labrador retriever, was making his way to the library. He always stopped by for a treat for himself and the Halifax Gazette for his human friend Angela, she was a war heroine and he was her support dog.

As he made his way down the street he noticed something unusually on the sidewalk; it almost looked like a freshwater snake.  He barked several time but it did not move.  He cautiously inched himself towards it wondering what it could be.  It was long and dark coiled up just like a snake.  When he got a few feet from it he realized it was an old vine that had fallen off a truck carrying yard waste.  He ran up to it and started to tug at it and throw it up in the air.  Suddenly he remembered he was on a mission one that brought him treats.

He started back on his way, when suddenly a red 1939 Chevy pickup truck backfired. It startled him and he stop to looked around to make sure there was no danger in the way.  He determined it was safe and set off again. He was only a few blocks away; those that saw him would say Hi.  He was adored by everyone just as Angela was.

He arrived at his destination and headed up the stairs towards the special door they had installed for him.  He headed right to the front desk where the librarian Jake sat. 

“Hey Elvis, how are you doing today?” He reached down and patted Elvis on the head and handed him a small taste morsel of his bagel. 

“Here is the paper, let me put that in your vest for you.” Jake walked from behind the counter and knelt down to place the paper in the special pocket of Elvis vest.  Elvis love Jake and licked his face. 

“Oh Elvis, that is quite enough.  I put a little letter in the newspaper for Angela, letting her know Trivia Pursuit is starting up again next Thursday”

That got Elvis’ tail wagging; he was not sure what they did on Trivia Pursuit night but he knew it was when he got to pig out on wing pieces. Everyone always gave him a treat on that night. 

With the paper on board, his mission was not yet complete he headed home to Angela.  Almost galloping like a horse he made it home quicker than usual.

He ran through his door to the living room where Angela was.  “Well hello there, are you in the rush to share something with me.” She took the newspaper out of his vest then the slip of paper fell to the floor. He picked it up and placed it on her lap.  After she read it she looked down at Elvis. 

Looks like next week we will be heading out again for Trivia time well for you spoil time. She snickered as she hugged him and gave him a treat.

“You are a good boy”

The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~March 10, 2021

March has come in like a lamb and spring is just around the corner. What a great time to watch the changes of the season come upon us. The migrating birds are filling the skies as they head towards their summer homes. The air is being warm by southern winds as the birds fill it with their spring melodies. Flowers will be popping up soon as the days grow longer.

This week we take a glimpse of winter turning to spring, enticing us to get out and enjoy the beauty that is abounding. The wonders and mystery of nature as it transforms it landscape before our eyes. Sit back and enjoy The Sights and Sounds of Nature As Winter Turns to Spring, with photos from our resident photographer in this meditation video set to the music “Light” by Borrtex. Their is a surprise awaiting you near the end.

We are always looking for new perspectives of our local wonders and sights so please feel free to share your with us . You can  send us a message for more details because everyone’s perspective is beautiful.