Merry Christmas to All

A Message from the Co-Presidents of the WAAC

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As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of our members a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We hope that you are looking forward to spending the holidays with your friends and family.

Things have been both challenging and exciting for the Centre over these last several months as we have re-opened after our closure due to COVID. We have been able to re-introduce many of our favorite programs, with some additional ones on the slate for the New Year.  Our Administrative Co-ordinator Victoria, is also working on some new program offerings, which were requested in the survey conducted earlier in the year. Please watch for updates after the holidays.

Also after the holidays, you will be hearing more about our new electronic sign in system; My Senior Centre. The Touch Screen technology is easy to use and will help us to stream-line signing in, registration and communication with all of our members. We are hoping to be rolling out the communication and training for you early in the New Year.

We are also working to bring new and existing members into to the Centre.  We will be launching an advertising campaign to spread the word about what we offer. We encourage all of you to act as ambassadors to recruit people to come in for a visit. Our best advertising is word of mouth!

Keeping up with COVID regulations has been a challenge for all of us and with the emergence of the new variant, we must remain vigilant. We have worked diligently to ensure safety protocols are in place and adhered to by all. We will continue to enforce all Public Health guidelines as they are communicated.

Lastly, the Board of Directors of the Centre is a small group of individuals who spend countless hours every month trying to make the Centre a welcoming and inclusive place to visit for the citizens of Wallaceburg and surrounding area. If you see them out and about, please offer your thanks to Paul Cherrey, John Pauwels, Wendy Murro, Janet Feast, Marlene Gielen and Mike Mercier for their dedication.

Sadly, the number of people who are volunteering to help on the Board in recent years has been declining. We are at a critical juncture in maintaining Board viability and have begun discussions on alternative scenarios moving forward. We urge all members to consider letting your name stand for nomination. Please contact Victoria if you would like more information.


Nancy Bowers-Ivanski and Cris Dawson, Co-Presidents

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  1. Marlene Judson

    Thank you for the greetings and for all your hard work. Extending best wishes to board members and all volunteers and staff. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022
    -Marlene Judson

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