Our Journey: Part 3~New Beginnings and New Friendships

There are always smiles to be had at the Centre.

After their ribbon cutting in 1985, The Senior’s Club grew as did their programs, activities, and events.  It was not commonly known until later in this decade (1985-1995) that the centre was open to those 45 years of age and up. They held many unique and wonderful events; Strawberry socials, Annual Chicken Dinners, Christmas parties, etc. They were always an intricate part of the community.  They hosted a variety of bus trips that were open to everyone.  They made trips to the Windsor Casino and had fun at Canada’s Wonderland.  The young at heart enjoyed releasing their inner child.

Strawberry Social Smiles.

Active and Healthy Living has always been part of their motto, so it was not surprising when they introduced exercise classes, foot care, blood pressure clinics and cooking classes into their programs. However, it was games of chance and skills that kept their minds sharp.  Pool playing was an all-time favorite with many leagues and tournaments played. A game of bingo was a fun way to spend the afternoon socializing.  The winners of their euchre games would grace the pages of the local newspaper.  The Club and the Community Centre was a busy hub during the late 80’s and early 90’s. It was a place to come for a cup of coffee; a place where friendships were established and maintained; a place to learn something new or take up a hobby, but most of all a place to have fun.  This spirit is still alive with in the walls of the centre today. It is a place of support, friendships, and most of all, community.

“Rack them up” Pool Champs 1986
“Did I hear Bingo?”
Bingo Caller Lloyd Lawyers 1986
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