Our Journey Part 4: The Times They Are a Changing.

Always smiles when serving up Luncheons

There is a saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  This could have been the motto for the Centre’s third decade.  It was a decade of changes, yet the Senior Centre remained an anchor for the community.  They supported the community as they watched their precious town, they loved dearly, amalgamate in 1998 with 22 other municipalities. As technology became more prevalent, they ushered in the new millennium with grace and hope.  They watched in horror during the September 2001 attacks and prayed for all the victims and their loved ones.  Even thought these events caused dramatic changes in our world, the club continued to stand steadfast in supporting each other and the community.

Always something to do at the Centre

While changing with the times, they kept pace with the needs of their members.  They were always seeking new programs, healthily incentives, and membership input.  They were instrumental in the creation and support of writers through their writing club.  They have embraced many unique and wonderful craft programs. Hosting their community bazaars may have been one of their favorite fundraisers. Pool playing continued to grow as well as their summer golf program “Wally Wackers”.

Their monthly Community Newsletter entertained with feature columns like “You Must Remember When” and informed the community of various events. No matter what this decade threw at our community, the Wallaceburg Senior Citizen Club members were beacons and a true support for our community.

From the pages of the Community Newsletter

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