2019 Comedy Wildlife Winners

The 2019 Overall Winner is Sarah Skinner with her picture Grab Life By The…

Sarah Skinner also won Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Category with this photo
Spectrum Photo Creatures In The Air Award goes to Vlado-Pirsa with Family Disagreement
Olympus Creature Under The Water Award goes to Harry Walker with Oh My! Harry also won the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award with this photo.
Elaine Kruer won the Amazing Internet Portfolio Award with First Comes Love… Then Comes Marriage

Highly Commended

Tilakraj Nagaraj with Warning! Territory Marking, Follow At Your Own Risk.
Corey Seemen with Who Would Like A Peanut?
Geert Weggen with Squirrel Wishes
Tom Mangelsen with Chest Bump
Mike Rowe with Deer – What Deer?
Tom Mangelsen with another photo entitled “laid back”
Alistair Marsh with Waltz Gone Wrong
Martina Gebert with Dancing…Yeah!
Eric Keller with Inconspicuous
Elmar Weiss with Surfing… South Atlantic Style!
Roie Galitz with Space Man


Txema Garcia Laseca with To Be Or Not To Be

2018 Comedy Wildlife Winners


2018 Overall Winner is…

Mary McGowan with her picture Caught In The Act which also won the Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Category
Spectrum Photo Creatures in the Air Category, Shane Keena with Peek-a-boo
Under the Sea Category Winner is Tanya Houppermans with Smiling Blue Shark
Spectrum Photo Junior Category winner is Arshdeep Singh with Nature’s Call
Amazing Internet Portfolio Award – Valtteri Mulkahainen with Collection of bear studies

Highly Commended

Roie Galitz with Wildlife PhotograBear
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 Michael Watts AUGUSTA United States Title: “Tango” Caption: “No, Herbert, you lead with your left.” Description: Coastal Brown Bear cubs interacting on the beach while Mom is fishing. Animal: Coastal Brown Bear Location of shot: Alaska
Danielle D’Ermo with Coastal Brown Bear Cub with a Headache
Barney Koszalka with So There
Jonathan Irish with Drive Safe
Sergey Savvi with This Is Sparta
And another one by Sergey Savvi entitled Martian Tango
Kallol Mukherjee with Rhinopeacock

and last but not least…

Geert Weggen with Splits

2017 Comedy Wildlife Winners

An owl dangling precariously from a branch has scooped the overall prize of the 2017 year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.
Tiber Kerc’z photo of an undignified owl was the overall winner
Andrea Zampatti won the Land category with a photo of a dormouse
Troy Mayne won Under The Sea category with a photobombing sea turtle
John Threlfall won the In The Air category with a bird and an ominous vapor trail

Highly Commended

Daisy Gilardini photographed a polar bear clinging on to its mother
Penny Palmer caught a sea otter reaching to the sky
Carl Henry’s was highly commended for his photo entitled All Dressed And Ready For Church
Olivier Colle spotted a hare munching on grass
Katy Laveck-Foster snapped two cheeky monkeys
Jean-Jacques Alcalay captured the moment it looked as though a wildebeest was riding on the back of its companions
George Cathcart was highly commended for his photo entitled WTF
Douglas Croft caught a fox getting a hole in one on a golf course
Daniel Trim snapped two mudskippers appearing to be in mid-song