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The Wonders of Nature – Add Diversity to Your Garden

Today’s Wonders of Nature is a little bit different. Rather than show off some of the wonderful photographs of local nature, we thought we would share a video from Birds Canada about how to go about adding diversity to your garden.

“We all have different preferences. Some people like rural cottages, and some prefer city-life. Some people enjoy the beach, while others prefer to stay indoors. Many birds also have different habitat ‘preferences’, and by adding diversity to your garden, you may be able to see more species visit your home, while also providing a safe space for them to dwell.” – Birds Canada

Video via Birds Canada

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Wonders of Nature

First, I need to apologize for the lack of nature posts over the last couple of weeks. We have been very busy getting the Centre to reopen (make sure to come say hi!) and sadly wasn’t able to make a few posts. Hopefully we can get back to our regular posting schedule now.

Secondly, look at these pictures!!! They come to us from 365 Days of Beauty on Facebook and they are stunning! All of the pictures featured in the slideshow below were taken locally by one of our members over the last few days. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Enjoy and remember to always see the beauty around you!


The Wonders of Nature

Today’s Wonders of Nature features more images from Randy Parent of How I See Things. This set of images was taken at McLean’s Auto-wreckers, an abandoned auto wreck yard. While it is not our normal nature pictures, I love the way nature is reclaiming the area and the way Randy has captured that in his pictures is simply stunning.

Let me know in the comments which image is your favourite – mine is the last one.


The Wonders of Nature

Today is Part 2 of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Last time we featured 13 stunning images from top nature and wildlife photographers. Now we are bringing you more wonderful pictures, this time in slide format. For full credits to the photographers, please visit the Natural History Museum website.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which image is your favourite!


The Wonders of Nature

Today’s Wonders of Nature post features more beautiful pictures taken locally by 365 Days of Beauty. Last week we brought you stunning images of all kinds of local flora. Today it is time to show off the fauna! That’s right, it’s time to see some animals. There are lots of images of birds, frogs, turtles, a beaver, even a rabbit and her baby bunnies! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do!


The Wonders of Nature Around Us

Today’s post features beautiful pictures taken locally by 365 Days of Beauty. There is a little bit of beauty for everyone; flowers, forests, trees, clouds, fields, you name it. There are so many stunning pictures, I could have uploaded a lot more, but I restrained myself – for now. Rest assured, there will be more pictures from 365 Days of Beauty in the future!

If you want to up the ambiance, click play on the sound bar below to listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Spring while you enjoy the slide show.

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