Tai Chi – Relieve Knee Stiffness

“No pain – just gain greater ability to move. These simple movements will help you relieve knee stiffness. Tai Chi helps prevent the #1 cause of death in people over 60 – falling. In this “Tai Chi Over 60 – Relieve Knee Pain” video, I’ll teach you a simple Tai Chi combination that will help you move better while reducing swelling, ache and stiff joints. (By the way, you don’t have to be over 60 to do these moves – they’re great for any age!) [IMPORTANT NOTICE: So this video was actually a big experiment – call it a “creative project,” partly to help me with writer’s block! Each segment was filmed individually – and there are some new segments that I wanted to experiment with to see if they would fit in the video lessons format. Well – it didn’t all work out the way I wanted. It was a one-camera shoot, rather than the usual 3-camera set up – so I’m missing some coverage. And the audio is terrible (I’m soooooo sorry!!), and I’m not at all happy with the music tracks. But – and here’s the thing – I approach my videography the same way we approach Tai Chi. It’s a journey of discovery, and not every project – or every day of practice – is a home run. But that’s OK. We get best at what we practice most. Today was just practice, and I’ll be back again tomorrow. Peace!” David Dorian-Ross

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