The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~January 13, 2021

This is our 1st edition of The Wonders of Nature Around Us for 2021. Since the beginning of the year we have had some unique weather patterns from snow to warm temperatures. Each day brought new beauty to the year’s beginning. This segment one of our regular photographers, Margaret has shared with us some of her wonderful photos, from a winter wonderland to the reflective beauty on a sunny day. With the resent lockdown it is fitting to share these wonderful images in video format with a beautiful musical piece by Borrtex titled “Hope”

The steadfast of nature and the wonders it shares with us will renew our hope and strengthen our faith. Allow nature’s tranquility to flow over you and calm your heart and mind while you meditate on the beauty and wonder being shared.

We are always looking for new perspectives of our local wonders and sights so please feel free to share your with us . You can  send us a message for more details because everyone’s perspective is beautiful. 

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