Trivia Thursday ~~October 1st

Are you ready for our 21st addition of Trivia Thursday?  Today’s addition is all about Wallaceburg and the surrounding area. As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. Before being called Wallaceburg, what was our town’s first called?
  2. Before becoming The Sydenham River, it was named after what animal?
  3. What is Wallaceburg’s Motto?
  4. In 1878, James Paris Lee and his brother John perfected a rifle with what part in Wallaceburg?
  5. What was Wallaceburg’s first major industry?
  6. Historically, what are the three major modern industries Wallaceburg was known for?
  7. There is a small woods named after a native fruit tree. What is the name of the fruit?
  8.  Malba J. Simpson wrote a historical book about this neighbouring community. Which community did she write about?
  9. The first Hawaiian Pizza was created in which Chatham Restaurant?
  10. Walpole Island is called Bkejwanong, in Anishinaabemowin by the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Odawa peoples of the Walpole Island First Nation. What does it mean?


It was a cool autumn day as Samantha head up over the ridge of Mount Bear.  She loved to hear the crunching of the fallen leaves beneath her feet.  She looked at her map and her compass to make sure she was heading in the right direction. 

“North, northwest. Yep, going the right way. Just have to continue onward and upward to find the lost treasure of Grandpa’s” She said to herself.

The old map she held was found in her grandmother’s box of silver. She remembered that day fondly. It was the first time she was asked to set the table with the good china and silver. While getting the dessert forks she noticed a small corner of paper wedged in the locked bottom drawer and inquired about it.  Her grandmother pulled out the small key and unlocked the drawer. 

“This was your grandfather’s drawer; I have not looked in it for years.  While he was in the Lumber trade, he would find little things here and there on his adventures and put them in there.” her grandmother reminisced as she open the drawer.

Inside were all sorts of trinkets and what looked like junk yet each piece was a memorabilia for her grandfather. Under the brass valves, sugar packages from different restaurants and a small glass rock the size of a child’s fist, Samantha noticed the piece of paper that’s corner was sticking out.  It was a map.  She had to wait a few more years until she was old enough to venture on her own to seek the hidden treasure under the X

As she descended down the other side of Mount Bear she looked at the map again. “Head to where the waters divide” was written on the bottom of the map.  She could see a larger river dividing into 3 parts. 

“That must be where I head.  I am almost there” she exclaimed with enthusiasm.  She had waited and dreamed about this for 10 years and now she was close enough to taste it.   As she reached the bottom and head towards the river ways she stumbled over something.  Turning back and looking down she noticed something old protruding from the ground.  Curiously she knelt down and dug it out.

“Oh my I have not seen an old box magazine like this outside of the local museum.” She said to herself as she remembered the Ribble family collection from Tupperville.

She cleaned off the dirt, “Greg will think this is interesting” she thought as she placed it in her bag.

She just had a little further to go till she reached the X.   As she walked she admired the beauty around her the fall flowers were in full bloom feeding the pollinator preparing for hibernation or migration.  She came across a large old woods forest. 

“This is the place” she took a deep breath and ventured in. 

The trees were tropical looking and nature and she recognized them from her grandparent property.  “Paw Paw trees” She said astonished. She had never in her life seen so many in one place. “This has to be the largest grove around”. 

She remembered how fond her grandfather was of his Paw Paw trees and the stories he told of how they were a treasure to native wildlife.  She realized this treasure map lead her to a treasure that was more precious than gold, silver or diamonds.

She pulled out her satellite phone.  “Hello Greg, I found what I was looking for, I am heading back now. No there is nothing of real monetary value here but I have a feeling this property belongs to the family.  Can you make an appointment with the land register? I like to make sure it does.   If it is, I want to declare it a Nature reserve.  Oh, I did find something for you.”

Putting the phone in her pocket she headed back.

1 Response
  1. Answers
    1. Forks
    2. Bear
    3. Onward and Upward
    4. Box Magazine
    5. Lumber trade
    6. Glass, Brass and Sugar
    7. Paw Paw
    8. Tupperville
    9. Satellite
    10. “where the waters divide”

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