Trivia Thursday~~August 20th

Are you ready for our 15th addition of Trivia Thursday?  Today’s is All About Nature. As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. What animal has the longest lifespan?
  2. What is the gestation period of a blue whale
  3. Why does some bat guano sparkle?
  4. What leaves does a silkworm prefer to eat?
  5. Which plant has flowers but no proper leaves?
  6. Which flower symbolizes beauty?
  7. There is a pretty little flower that shares its name with a musical instrument. Which is it?
  8. Speedwell is a herb with small, purple flowers also known as?
  9. What Vegetable has varieties with these name Spaghetti, Custard White, Turk’s Turban
  10. Which red flower was featured on the reverse of a Canadian quarter (25 cents) in 2004?


A group of young girls, who were friends since grade school, gather together near the end of summer. It was going to be last time they would get together since they were heading to college in the next couple of weeks.  They each brought something very delightful to share for lunch. They considered setting up their picnic by the mulberry tree but to many spiders and bug exoskeletons were lying around and did not make it look to inviting. 

They moved over to the Cactus garden which was very intriguing from the distance all the different sizes and shapes made their imaginations run wild.

“That one looks like a Giant Tortoise” Rose pointed to one which was round and held many scars on it.

“Oh those two together, looks like an elephant. See that one makes it trunk and that one makes it body”. Veronica pointed out to the girls.

As they laid the blanket out and placed their wonderful treats on it.  Poppy noticed Daisy had a wonderful pie.  “Ohh, pumpkin pie my favorite”

Daisy replied with a mischievous grin. “Close but no it is squash pie, my mom’s secret recipe. She calls it summer harvest pie.”

Hearing that all the girls were curious and started their picnic with dessert first.  They were grown now and going off to college in a couple of weeks so why not start with dessert first.

They spent the day chatting, joking, playing Frisbee and other games trying to forget that they will not be able to get together like this for another 8 to 12 months. 

“Let’s take a selfie” Viola yelled as she jumped to her feet.

They gathered together, Viola put her camera on timer and ran and joined them. They did several takes some serious, some funny but the last one was the best it was all of them in a group hug as tears ran down their faces.

“Well we have Christmas break in 4 month, maybe we can try to get together then.” Daisy said trying to cheer up the group but deep down they all knew it would be awhile before a day like today will happen again.

Afraid of losing touch they made a pack that every 24 months they will come together no matter what and spend the day together.  Not wanting to say good bye they all said “see you soon” as they packed up and left.

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