Trivia Thursday~~January 28, 2021

It’s that time again Trivia Thursday? This is our 38th edition and this week we are flashing back 60 years with Music from the 1960’s Think you know the answers? Are you up to the challenge?

As usual the trivia questions will be listed with a short story below which has the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out. The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. Finish the title for this Bobby Vee hit _____ to Him”
  2. Finish the title for  this Mark Dinning hit song “Teen ______”
  3. Roger Daltrey  is the lead singer for this group “The ____”
  4. What is the title of Elvis Presley number one hit in 1960?
  5.  The Monkees started out as a fictional band, finish the title of their greatest hit “_____ Believer”
  6. This song was the best selling single for The Beatles in 1960s.
  7. Name the song that has this verse “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray….”
  8. In the 1960’s Dolly Parton became the face for what genre of music?
  9. Jim Morrison was the lead singer of which controversial band?
  10. What was the name of Tom Jones’ first number one in 1965, later popularised by Carlton in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?


It was a bitter cold and dreary January day; a day when many people curled up in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.  It was a day one could easily get lost in a daydream about warm weather and sunny beaches.

Angel was one of them, she stared out into the frozen abyss letting her mind run wild and imagined laying on a beach down south.  She could almost hear the ocean waves beat against the shore as the sun glisten off its caps.  Her daydream was so convincing that she lost all track of time.

Suddenly the doors to the kitchen slammed shut, and the floor started to creak to the footsteps in the distance.  Her brother Joe walked into the living room.

“California Dreamin’ again, Sis?” he lovingly teased her as she continued to face the window.

“What else is there to do?” she answered as she swung around to face him.  

He was covered from head to toe in snow and ice.  “What were you doing outside? Were you out in the country on the four wheeler again?”

He laughs, “It’s not unusual is it? You know other people do go out and play in the snow not everyone hides inside daydreaming.”

“Who?  Name one person that would prefer to be out in that frozen tundra!! Other then yourself” she affectionately snarled at him.

“Well Katie does. We were out there together.” His cheeky smile made Angel giggle. Katie was their two year old Saint Barnard.

“Well that does not count she loves you and would follow you to the ends of the earth.” Angel just finished speaking when Katie wandered and flopped in her bed in front of the fireplace. The ice and snow on her fur was quickly melting as it dripped on to the carpet beneath her bed.

“Come on sis let get something a hot cocoa and come outside with me. It is beautiful.  You have plenty of time of dreaming of warmer weather. Come find the beauty that is all around us. You know it’s now or never.”  He urged her with his cheeky smile. “If you dress in layer you will never feel the cold”

“I pick never, but I will make us a hot cocoa. Why don’t you go and change you are melting all over the floor; by the time you done, I will have a large cup of cocoa for you.” 

She headed to the kitchen as Joe started to take of his outer layer of clothing.  Looking down at Katie, “One day we will get her out there with us girl and I know she will love it.”

Angel heard what he said and snickered quietly so he could not hear her, “I don’t think so but then again you never know.”

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