Trivia Thursday~~March 11, 2021

It’s that time again Trivia Thursday, our 44th edition. It is always great to learn something new about Canada so this week’s trivia is all about Canada. Think you know the answers? Are you up to the challenge?

As usual the trivia questions will be listed with a short story below which has the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out. The answers are posted with in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go….. Have Fun


  1. Canada has 20% of this world resource. What is it?
  2. The Narcisse ________ pits located in Manitoba
  3. In 1917, Ste. Marguerite, Que was the first Canadian town to build what type of resort?
  4. What year did ‘O Canada’ become this country’s official national anthem?
  5. What popular Canadian board game was invented in 1979?
  6. What was Canada’s first newspaper?
  7. Penticton B.C. town has been holding what annual Festival every June for nearly two decades.
  8. What building straddles the USA and Canadian border of two towns Stanstead, Que and Derby Line, Vt.?
  9. Who is Laura Secord?
  10. What breed of dog was named the most popular in Canada by the Canadian Kennel Club in 2019?


It was because of the spring thaw that the ski lifts started to wind down for the season. Elvis, the local Labrador retriever, was making his way to the library. He always stopped by for a treat for himself and the Halifax Gazette for his human friend Angela, she was a war heroine and he was her support dog.

As he made his way down the street he noticed something unusually on the sidewalk; it almost looked like a freshwater snake.  He barked several time but it did not move.  He cautiously inched himself towards it wondering what it could be.  It was long and dark coiled up just like a snake.  When he got a few feet from it he realized it was an old vine that had fallen off a truck carrying yard waste.  He ran up to it and started to tug at it and throw it up in the air.  Suddenly he remembered he was on a mission one that brought him treats.

He started back on his way, when suddenly a red 1939 Chevy pickup truck backfired. It startled him and he stop to looked around to make sure there was no danger in the way.  He determined it was safe and set off again. He was only a few blocks away; those that saw him would say Hi.  He was adored by everyone just as Angela was.

He arrived at his destination and headed up the stairs towards the special door they had installed for him.  He headed right to the front desk where the librarian Jake sat. 

“Hey Elvis, how are you doing today?” He reached down and patted Elvis on the head and handed him a small taste morsel of his bagel. 

“Here is the paper, let me put that in your vest for you.” Jake walked from behind the counter and knelt down to place the paper in the special pocket of Elvis vest.  Elvis love Jake and licked his face. 

“Oh Elvis, that is quite enough.  I put a little letter in the newspaper for Angela, letting her know Trivia Pursuit is starting up again next Thursday”

That got Elvis’ tail wagging; he was not sure what they did on Trivia Pursuit night but he knew it was when he got to pig out on wing pieces. Everyone always gave him a treat on that night. 

With the paper on board, his mission was not yet complete he headed home to Angela.  Almost galloping like a horse he made it home quicker than usual.

He ran through his door to the living room where Angela was.  “Well hello there, are you in the rush to share something with me.” She took the newspaper out of his vest then the slip of paper fell to the floor. He picked it up and placed it on her lap.  After she read it she looked down at Elvis. 

Looks like next week we will be heading out again for Trivia time well for you spoil time. She snickered as she hugged him and gave him a treat.

“You are a good boy”

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