Volunteering~Paying It Forward

Smiles all around (Volunteers November 2019)

Volunteers deliver a significant impact on the community and are beneficial to those they encounter. At one time or another, a volunteer made an impact in our lives and was the breath of fresh air we needed. They aided us overcome a struggle or were the support system at one of our favourite spots. The secret about being a volunteer is not how much time they put in but how much love and kindness they share.

This Volunteer Betty smile is contagious . (August 2019)

Volunteering is about paying it forward while bringing smiles to the hearts and faces of those who require it.

For over 45 years as a pillar, the community, it is the volunteers that keep our doors open and our programs running smoothly. As with other organizations, we are at a critical juncture; we are seeking volunteers to support the momentum that our founding members created. To continue to be that home, away from home; the place to go and meet up with friends and have fun, we require individuals that are willing to pay it forward while reaping their rewards with smiles and friendships.

Volunteers create a place of Joy (March 2018)

Stop in today and see how a small bit of your time can generate a significant impact on our organization and the community.

Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre is a great place to go to have fun while volunteering.

Spread the Love Pay it Forward by Volunteering.

Visit the Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre.
We are open Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm

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